25 11, 2015

The “Liberal” Lie

"Communist" and "socialist" started to become bad names quite a while ago; they changed their name to "liberal", which is a term that has the exact opposite meaning in the "non political dictionary". Communists and socialists (really the same group using two different names), are not "liberal" with the people [...]

2 10, 2015

Extremist religious views against Children and the innocent

Coming very soon ...

2 07, 2015

The Only Lawful View of God

I have gone through the full gambit of legal reasoning and argumentation and have written it all down in a single volume. It is available on Amazon. And the first ten chapters can be read for free using the sneak peek. I understand the problems people are seeing with the [...]

1 06, 2015

The Satanically Religious

He who says infants deserve death, IS NOT AN AUTHORITY on the truth, AND DOESN'T EVEN HAVE THE TRUTH, does not know God at all, but accuses God of being a psychotic deluded mental patient. Not! For they say that God knows what He is doing. He who says Christ [...]

25 04, 2015

Penal Substitution and Lying in Modern Courts

Under the Mosaic law no one is allowed to willfully lie, nor is it acceptable for anyone to speak that which they do not is the truth, as if it were truth. If something has not been confirmed as true or false, the acknowledgement of what is unconfirmed must always [...]

25 04, 2015

Why Did God Create Evil?

"Why did your God create evil? Ah ha I got you now. You cannot answer!" So I saw a tweet by some self-induced-mental-defective-humanist, who pretended to be oh so wise! She asked a question on twitter a few times and then "declared victory" as if she had an [...]

21 04, 2015

Has Justice Been Satisfied?

Did Christ suffer what He deserved? How was justice satisfied by the Father committing an injustice against His innocent Son? If we deserved that death, but were not given it, was justice done to us? If we were not treated in the way we deserved, then we were treated unjustly [...]

20 04, 2015

Top News

JESUS JUDGED AS RIGHTEOUS In religious news, Jesus Christ was judged as righteous by the Mosaic Law. In other news, the penal substitute god and stoned to death today.

18 04, 2015

Can Morality Be Legislated?

The dictionary is within easy reach and the definition for morality is not a complex one. However, there is a difference between the inner morality of the person of integrity, and of the overt acts of citizens in a nation in a general way. One just admits that immoral people [...]

26 03, 2015

Infralapsarianism and Supralapsarianism

These big scary theological technical terms (infralapsarianism and supralapsarianism) which are sure to turn Aunt Milly's hair white (if it isn't already), in layman's terms are "before the fall" or "after the fall" and have to do with the "election", or WHEN God decreed who will be saved. It has [...]