The dictionary is within easy reach and the definition for morality is not a complex one. However, there is a difference between the inner morality of the person of integrity, and of the overt acts of citizens in a nation in a general way. One just admits that immoral people as to their inner state and preference for evil is not changed or determined by acts of congress and legislation. Some people do not rob banks because of deterrency, and some do not murder because of deterrency. Does this deterrent effect which causes those who love evil to restrain themselves and refrain from committing overt criminal acts, make those who wish they could commit murder, rape rob and steal, moral? Of course not. Caesar is needed for civil order, and his laws with the commensurate punishments to cause the immoral to restrain themselves. Of course there will always be a certain number who do not restrain themselves and will commit crimes with even death as the penalty. Liberals like to pretend a lot, I call it lying. They pretend that capital punishment is not a deterrent but admit readily that deterrents do exist in other areas. They love to use tax penalties for deterrents and fines in order to influence behavior. If the penalty for murder was only a 1 dollar fine, do you think the murder rate would increase, ever so slightly? If the penalty for cheating on your taxes was 1 dollar, regardless of how much money you cheated Caesar out of (and get to keep), something tells me liberals wouldn’t be down for that. Laws and fines and legislation do not make people moral. If you want to define morality as only being a person’s outward acts, irrespective and without regard to their inner state, feel free to do so. But in reality immoral people are deterred to a significant degree by fearing suffering the penalty of breaking laws, if caught. The mistake that is made by nations is not following the eye for an eye principle of equity in penal law and statutes. The less equitable and lax the penalties become for each criminal offense, causes a rise in the crime rates of those offenses. The result is the “crime starts to pay” effect, in which the immoral do not restrain themselves like they did under an equitable penal system.  Unprincipled people think unprincipally and therefore are naturally accepting of the liberal progressive rationale. It says when men’s hearts change then kingdoms will change, and there is no mention of law in that. All men who are able have a choice to make and do in their preference for good or evil. And no amount of laws or the lack thereof has any effect on a man’s personal preference for good or evil. To suggest otherwise results in a liberal stance which makes man not as accountable, as if the laws in a country or the lack thereof, would be the reason why some men desire good or evil. Aside from lying, liberalism’s second favorite tactic is the theme of the avoidance of accountability. This is tailor made for evil men, as they are the very ones that wish to escape accountability for their actions. The righteous or the moral do not fear accountability or seek to avoid it. There is no fear for being held to account for being lawful or righteous. Man is accountable not only for his unlawful state and acts, but also for his lawful acts and state. One is praised and the other is condemned. This condemnation is what is desired to be avoided at all costs by the immoral. The term “outing” or “outted” is slang for a metaphore for openly admitting things that were previously kept secret, in the immoral realm. When certain immoralities become more acceptable then the immoral who were previously secretive become more open and less restrained in doing those overt immoral acts. The lack of restraint can occur with alcohol. Alcohol tends to let the guy that is already in there come out more easily and openly. Coupled with less fear of paying a penalty for unlawful acts by being just another immoral minnow in the college school of rioting because your team lost, people start to unrestrained. This is why the same individuals walking down the street in the daytime would not think of picking up a trash can and throwing it through a store window, but they sure would at midnight with a couple of thousand of other people just like them. They get into the mob mentality and think there is strength in numbers. “What are they going to do, arrest all of us?!” if you want to define morality as immoral people being restrained in their overt acts by the presence of laws and penalties, feel free to do so. But I prefer to define morality  and immorality with respect to the inner state of the individual, because that is the truth of the matter. Immorality has to do with the inner state of the man, and his outward acts may reveal at times his inner state that he wishes to keep secret. A person that wishes he could steal money and get away with it, but does not at the present because of deterrency, and keeps his desires a secret, is not a moral man. A man does not have to be constantly committing overt criminal acts, in order to be immoral. With the complete lack of deterrency and the conditions being so that one could get away with a crime totally scott free, is when people are caught acting naturally, or being themselves. The moral man will not commit crimes even when the conditions are such that no other man will ever learn of it during his life. The moral man will also not commit acts of immorality simply because congress or the state has ruled immorality lawful or acceptable. That which is immoral is immoral in itself according to the principle of absolutes, and an act of congress that lies against absolutes and mislabels evil s good, does not change one thing. It is as if they believe in witchcraft, it is totally illogical. Stating that evil is good does not magically turn evil into good. To say that man does not have that kind of power or ability is inaccurate, for it simply cannot be done at all. Immorality is not according to perception, it is according to the truth of what it is, evil. They say in politics that perception is reality. That is a saying of those who practice in lying to people like doctors practice medicine, daily. It is true that the immoral can be restrained by the enforcement of laws and the penalties for breaking them, and with the most effect when there is equity. The truth is that this is an evil and corrupt world with corrupt people as the majority trend. So are we to get into politics and try to make this a “Christian nation” with Christian laws? No, we cannot make the immoral, moral. And we cannot make the corrupt, in-corrupt. The eye for an eye and life for life equity is frowned upon by immoral people. When there is no law the people or nations are a law unto themselves. There are many nations with death as the penalty for murder, and they are not even Christian any more than the O’hares. Those who deny that laws and punishments do not deter the immoral, are to be ignored as the liars that they are. The righteous man is righteous because he loves that which is good, not because someone passed a law mandating righteousness. Evil people love that which is evil and though laws and penalties may cause them to “watch their step” and refrain at times from doing the evil that they so love, the lack of laws does not result in their love for evil or immoral state. These are very simple things. It is as easy as using the example of a driver that likes to speed, but won’t when a cop is behind him. He still wants to speed but is deterred and restrains himself. The truth is reality and there are examples and evidences of the truth in real life. Because the truth about people and the way they are is real life. Real life is evidence. Though I did not read up on the details of the Ohio law on drug possession because I do not care too, under so many grams of marijuana is the equivalent of a traffic ticket. So “partyers with brains” only carry below the limit as dictacted by law to avoid a higher class misdemeanor or felony. There are examples of deterrency all over the planet, and immoral people restraining themselves, and the loss of restraint for various common sense reasons.