In response to the above image on Twitter, is the following conversation. He claims to be a “pastor”. July 1st 2016

Kyle Cook ‏ – The love of God was displayed on the cross. A person doesn’t have to be a theologian to know that Jesus died for us.

S.Tellez – it is not a good thing that people r being lied to led to believe God punished the innocent so they can sin with impunity.

S.Tellez – it is very harmful to others and it dishonors and blasphemes God. Some are ignorant and some are not.

S. Tellez – so let me ask you this. Do you think it an important thing to find out that you might be blaspheming God? I sure as hell do.

S.Tellez – it isn’t a small matter. Not one bit.

S. Tellez – the wrong gospel being preached isn’t a small matter. It’s something that should make those who love the truth VERY angry

Kyle Cook – who is teaching that we can do this? You can find a good message on this topic in Romans 6. The cross of Christ is the sin’s end

S.Tellez – you lie and pretend you havent heard this gospel.

S.Tellez – many people love it that an innocent was “punished in their place” so they can do whatever they want with no punishment.

S.Tellez – do you love it that an innocent was punished in your place?

Kyle Cook ‏- God loved me before I ever loved him. He showed me that love on the cross. Now I love Jesus and I hate sin.

S.Tellez – stop avoiding the question. your answer isnt what I asked you. why do you bear false witness and pretend you answered it?

Kyle Cook – I think it’s important that we work out our own salvation with fear and trembling – Philippians 2:12

S.Tellez – you just told on yourself. you do not give a shit about others, the truth or God

Kyle Cook – our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin. Romans 6:6

S.Tellez – name the sin that babies committed that they are responsible for to deserved to be nailed to trees.

Kyle Cook – I hope you’ll look at the scriptures I shared but I’m not interested in debating or engaging in accusations. God bless you.

S.Tellez – of course youre not. no one is. they run like demons. its predicted in our book to a tee. now run along

S.Tellez – glad to defend my faith. anytime

Kyle Cook – I’ll still be here, I just don’t think we aught to engage in vain debates, or accuse one another.

S.Tellez – “vain debates” – a small matter to blaspheme God and harm others. I know EXACTLY what youre doing.


The following was a public tweet from Kyle Cook made on June 29th:

Kyle Cook – When you’re #honest, there is no such thing as a tough question.

S.Tellez – well you sure as hell wouldnt answer mine.