To the secular big bang evolutionist world, you are: Just walking talking proteins, merely animate matter…pretending there is someone in there, but there is no one in there…and literally there is on one here at all and never was nor ever will be. Of course this is not spoken about this plainly and bluntly, because it comes across as most unappealing and unattractive, and rather sociopathic.
Naturalists (or those who do not believe anything outside of mere matter exists) never speak plainly or qualify things and situations according to their true beliefs. Because they could come across as the sociopaths that they are. If a naturalist were honest and spoke their beliefs about things, a naturalist would comment on a man being tortured or a person suffering and in pain…as it being mere matter, a biological “life form”…and “there is actually no one in there suffering”. That it is just the biologically organized matter through natural selection, having evolved the self preservation instinct by accidental formation, which caused it to want to survive..and therefore that trait was biologically passed on to its offspring. And so due to this accident of evolution, all “biological life forms” (along with the accidental formation of intelligence), have turned this instinct of self preservation and self awareness…into the belief that there is someone, a person, a being, living within the body…when there is not.
It is easy to lead this into the misuse and unreal use of words and definitions. One might say “how”? What do you think is their definition of “you” or “I”? When according to them there is no You and I as is found in the dictionary, but is merely a body referring to itself or to another biological organism. There is a whole cacophony of words and definitions (according to naturalists) that are based on the unreal. According to their assertion of “reality” there is no “you” in there, nor is there an “I” as is found in the common man’s dictionary. Thus according to them all intelligent and semi intelligent, even insects on downward…all of living creation is setup to bear false witness, in believing there is someone in there, when there is not.
Many different secular believes and “sciences”, tend to be managed or talked about using gulfs or borders between them, to try and hide the contradictions between them. Just try “coupling together naturalism and quantum theory”…both basically declare that the other cannot exist! e.g. An electron, wave, light, etc., will act differently “if it knows it is being watched or observed by you!” (and what is funny and that there is no “you” in there to observe it, only a body that thinks there is).
Now this leads to another strange area “thinking”. When a naturalist tells you to “think it over” or to “think something through”…what is doing the thinking???…because there is no you in there! What naturalism unavoidably leads to is “animatronic life”, sort of like AI. Rather than a mechanical robot with servo motors, hydraulics, software, computer optics, central processors, rom and ram…that you are merely a robot made of biological matter, programmed over a millennia into acting like there is somebody in there. A modern robot can be programmed into mimicking “like there is someone in there”. According to pure unadulterated naturalism (without Public Relations damage control), your value over a computer-mechanical robot…is only because you are able to outperform them at the moment. And I might add that maintenance and sustenance costs are also a cost factor.
What is love, sentimentality, family and so forth? They have that based on falsehood as well, for according to them, your mother, father, siblings and children are no more than bodies of matter…that there is no one in there. And all of your sentimentality and love, isn’t really yours, because YOU ARE NOT IN THERE. And so what kind of hideous thing is this to think of when “naturalists” have children and teach them such things from infancy?
The vast majority of the time when someone is trying to sell something that is bad, appear is though it were good, or to make something that it unattractive appear attractive…they have to bear false witness about and misrepresent what they are saying or advocating…much like a con man must bear false witness about what he is promising, for if he told the truth about it…NO ONE WOULD BE CONNED INTO BUYIN WHAT HE’S SELLIN.
According to them there is no reason in esteeming others or relatives as precious and “love” is mere sentimentality…one chunk of matter programmed into mimicking care and concern for another chunk of matter, for if there is “nobody in there”…nothing is genuine its all a puppet show, with no puppet master, and no audience to even watch the show.