Bradley Hooper: Hi Tim, I too am trying to get people to see that the theory of penal substitutionary atonement is unjust.

It cannot be the gospel because people can reject it and still be saved.

The following is a page on my website that leads to a series of pages that deals with PSA.

I’ve sent a friend request.
Jesus Wept
“Love makes everything lovely” – George MacDonald Why does God ask us to be kind, to forgive and to love each other if he is not good? If he didn’t care about us would he want us to know the joy of love?
Btw, you’ve made a mistake in your video. It’s 1 Peter 2:21-24 not 2 Peter (in sixth minute)
The Greatest Trick Satan Ever Played | Penal Substitution
The churches are still in the dark ages, believing the same lie of the penal substitution doctrine. Penal substitution is a huge part of the false depiction …
You accepted Bradley’s request.

Tim Alleman: Yes, thanks, I noted the 1 Peter 2:21ff a while ago and feel it is not worth it to reedit the video and reupload it.
Bradley Hooper:I decided not to share it because of the inaccurate reference.

Bradley Hooper:That’s fine

Tim Alleman: I will not share your web page as James among other psuedo pigrapha do not belong in the bible.
Tim Alleman: I know where this is headed and hows it’s gonna end.

Bradley Hooper:I don’t expect you to share it. Why don’t you think the book of James does not belong in the Bible?

Tim Alleman:I will say this, the first impression people get from “James” is correct and the reason why they try “so hard” through convoluted liberal interps and rationalizations to reconcile with Paul, is because they are in conflict with each other. James, just like 2 Peter and Jude…the vast majority of scholars know they are not genuine.

Bradley Hooper:How are they in conflict?

Tim Alleman:None of those letters are written to any specific church or group, and repeatedly over emphasis “who the author is”, it’s rather amateur attempts.
James says do good works and then later you will be saved…exactly like that
2 peter is an a-millennial letter, but few want to admit it

Bradley Hooper:What do you think he means by “good works”?

Tim Alleman:2 Peter 2…when Christ returns the entire universe is destroyed and the earth…no resotration…judgement of wicked and saints at 2nd advent…its splattered all over it
My take on james is “bribing the judge”
thats whats meant by good works

Bradley Hooper:How?

Tim Alleman:all works are unto God

Bradley Hooper:Ok.

Bradley Hooper:Do you really think James is saying that?

Tim Alleman:sure he is

Bradley Hooper:I can’t see it.

Tim Alleman:Let me ask you this

Bradley Hooper:He is merely stating that if you don’t build your house on the rock you can’t be saved

Tim Alleman:What do you think salvation is from?
think about it brb

Bradley Hooper:According to Jesus that means putting his words into practice.
Salvation from sin. Not from the punishment of sin.

Tim Alleman:there is that magic english word “sin” which is from the latin sons for guilty
do you think 8 greek words all mean the english word sin?
i dont
sin is a catholic wordDo you think all the 8 Greek words have something to do with disobeying God?
if i was called to come up to your house and broke my leg and couldnt make it…did i disobey you?

Bradley Hooper:God does not regard that as disobedience. Don’t debate the church. Debate me. Let’s have a conversation Don’t debate the church. Debate me. Let’s have a conversation

Tim Alleman:Let’s get real here…do you realize how ridiculous it is to suggest that God expects those who cannot be righteous…to be righteous…and without Christ? huh?

Bradley Hooper:Don’t assume I believe things which I don’t


Bradley Hooper:Penal substitutionary atonement is rubbish
As is imputed righteousness

Tim Alleman:I will tell you what they have done
listen for a minute

Bradley Hooper:And so is eternal torment
He regards trusting him as righteousness

Tim Alleman:the penal substitution churches and societies, after rebranding tthe honor doctrine “as something new and different”….

Bradley Hooper:And we can do that

Tim Alleman:are you listening Elihju?

Bradley Hooper:You certainly aren’t

Tim Alleman:I asked you to listen

Bradley Hooper:You asked You didn’t not wait for a response

Tim Alleman:so, instead of investigating what my doctrines are all about…you wanna preach to me
so now it ends like i knew it would

Tim Alleman:GOOD BYE

Bradley Hooper:Do you want to have a conversation?
If you are interested in a conversation, I’ll converse with you

Tim Alleman:I wanted to tell you something and you do not want to listen

Bradley Hooper:I’m not interested in what the Catholic Church teaches or anyone else
so we are done This is about what you believe and about what I believe

Tim Alleman:I wasn’t talking about the catholics church…shall i copy and paste what i said since you are too lazy toi scroll up, i hear that bearing false witness is a sin…ABBOUT WHAT I SAID
but whatdo you care you are full of youthful zea; *zeal

Bradley Hooper:Ok. Tell me what exactly you believe.

Bradley Hooper:But don’t bother asking any questions because you ignore my answers.Tell me

Tim Alleman:They penal substitutionists mistranlsated the bible on purpose and still do today

Bradley Hooper:I agree
To conform with their theology

Tim Alleman:because the trick is not to convince the criminal class that they deserve punishment…but to convuince the non criminal class that tey deserve to be punished
Hence, the overly severe portrayal of God and His policies
and the mistranslations of words
to make everyone think that they deserve wrath, even infinitely so, that is where the old english word sin came from

Bradley Hooper:Do you think that when God does punish he punishes because of love?

Tim Alleman:God punishes when it is called for

Bradley Hooper:But does he punish because of love?

Tim Alleman:Love does the best thing, it even does the best thing even under less than ideal circumstances
the best thing for a mass murderer is to be removed

Bradley Hooper:True. But does he always punish because of love?

Bradley Hooper:Is his punishment always the best thing for the one being punished?

Tim Alleman:Since God is always a loving person, and he is the original…it goes without saying that God does things out of love
God follows perfect equity, measure for measure

Bradley Hooper:So if God sends a person to hell it is because he loves them?

Tim Alleman:I call it the lake prison, because that is exactly what it is…have you been agreeing with the world’s false view of “hell”?
God is not a sadomasochist

Bradley Hooper:Love always hopes. Love always perseveres.

Tim Alleman:hades is a cell block within the earth, a holding tank, and that cell block is transferred unto the lake

Bradley Hooper:God’s love is eternal and unconditional

Bradley Hooper:Therefore there is always hope


Bradley Hooper:So do you think anyone is going to leave that cell block?


Tim Alleman:hitler is still hitler sicne the preference for good or evil is not contained in the physical body but in the soul, part of the ebing himself
hitler is still hitler sicne the preference for good or evil is not contained in the physical body but in the soul, part of the ebing himself

Bradley Hooper:So God’s hoping and persevering for them is in vain?

Tim Alleman:physically dying does not change your preference for either good or evil
there is clearly a time when God no longer offers anything

Bradley Hooper:Does God change? So God gives up?

Tim Alleman:You are into universal salvationism just admit it

Bradley Hooper:Is God’s love conditional or unconditional?

Tim Alleman:Give me a verse of God’s love being unconditional….LIBERAL
go ahead emotional schoolgirl

Bradley Hooper:Sin and death will be destroyed. If sin exists in the lake it hasn’t been destroyed.

Tim Alleman:first of all you butcher 1 cor 15 and liberally interpret it like free verse poetry
Another problem that you have is you think it is impossible to run into anyone who knows more about things than you…much more

Bradley Hooper:So all things won’t be made new?
So God won’t be all in all?

Tim Alleman:all things aint talking about all people
context doesn’t mean anything to you does it?

Bradley Hooper:So how is sin going to be destroyed?

Tim Alleman:which of the 8 greek words? lol

Tim Alleman:Rev 21 he is talking about the earth…you make it about people
you really don’t even hesistate to add words do you?
which of the 8 greek words? lol

Bradley Hooper:You are easily upset

Tim Alleman:look, going back to the word sin “for that which i want to do i do not, the very thing i do not want to do i do”<—-that is a specific legal class of “sin” and it aint talking about murder, rape or robbing banks

Bradley Hooper:Do you think James 3:13 is worth paying attention to?


Tim Alleman:and as for death…the greek word is thanatos

Bradley Hooper:Romans 8 shows clearly that he was no longer living according to his sinful nature after trusting Christ.

Tim Alleman:do you know what thanatos means? i do

Bradley Hooper:Do you know what Kolasis means?

Tim Alleman:Paul was still under thanatos waiting to be delivered from it

Bradley Hooper:Do you know what Timoria means?

Tim Alleman:i read your wbespage on it you think i am as lazy as you

Bradley Hooper:Perhaps I’m wrong, but I think you’re going to hell
God will judge all of us.

Tim Alleman:that always happens with religious people like you

Bradley Hooper:That is good news

Tim Alleman:so here is the legal definition of thanatos
Thanatos is a judgment of Death by a governing legal athority, either human courts or God’s court it can be a punitive judgment or a non punitive judgment for example Romans 5:12 is non punitive

Bradley Hooper:“Men would understand: they do not care to obey,—understand where it is impossible they should understand save by obeying. “ – George MacDonald


Tim Alleman:why you pasting off your website that i already read?


Bradley Hooper:You’ve put your faith in your own ability to understand
In your own mind
Bradley Hooper:Build your house on the rock
Do what Jesus says
once again, mr broken record
I’ve warned you. I’ve done my part.

Bradley Hooper:HEY BUDDY
Bradley Hooper:God’s wrath burns because of his love

Tim Alleman:welcome to the hall of shame fucktard