“Communist” and “socialist” started to become bad names quite a while ago; they changed their name to “liberal”, which is a term that has the exact opposite meaning in the “non political dictionary”. Communists and socialists (really the same group using two different names), are not “liberal” with the people they control. They are not for a liberal press, but a controlled press. They are not “liberal” with speech, hence the communists and dictators invention of “pc” or politically correctness. Political correctness is also a term made up by “liberals”. If you look at the words “politically” and “correct”, is actually having the “approved of” political view. They are not liberal with political views, but are intolerant and only support a “narrow view”…theirs. They are not “liberal” with rights, just ask the gun lobby, or free speech zones, Christian bakeries, approved curriculum in schools, not liberal with prayer…what is noticed by their activities is “restrictive” and “controlling”. You cannot be “liberal” with your healthcare, it is becoming very restrictive by the actions of “liberals”. What we have here is the same old group of communist control freaks, who have changed their name to try and make themselves appear as if they are a different group of people. In reality they are the same group of communist thugs (call em socialist or progressive if you want)…simply changing the name on their storefront…while they keep doing the same business they always have been doing. This is called “rebranding” or “repackaging”. Since this country’s ideals and constitution are LIBERTY and INALIENABLE RIGHTS, the term “progressive” has been adopted by “liberals”, which are “communists”. Since the Constitution is not lacking in LIBERTY or RIGHTS…”liberals”, which is “communists”, has chosen another term that means the exact opposite of the same old agenda they been up to all along…REGRESSION. This is why they chose the word “progressive” as if progress is to be made in “liberty”, when really it is regression or the undoing of liberty, to go back to a time before liberty. To have liberty which is an advancement or progress, to have it taken back is regressive, or the exact opposite of “progressive”. Even the term “communist”, is the unreal use of words, because the community doesn’t run things, the controllers do, which are the communist inner circle. In “communism” the people are not all cooperating together serving each others needs, they are in reality serving the needs and desires of the dictators. Stalin was a DICTATOR, as was Lenin.

The unreal use of words and unreal definitions can always be found with “liberals”, “communists”, “progressives”. An easy example is “the peoples republic” of China, or “the peoples democratic republic” of North Korea”. The controllers or dictators control China, not “the people”, and it is not a “republic”, but is the exact opposite. Anyone with a thimble full of brains knows that “kim jong un” controls north Korea, it is not a republic in any shape or form, nor “democratic”. This same tactic of picking titles that are the exact opposite of what dictators are really up to can be found with Ho Chi Minh, His choice name for the communist dictatorship formed by the military overtaking and breakaway of….”the independent democratic republic of Vietnam” (north). Notice the “rebranding, and choice of words being the exact opposite of the communist, regressive, dictatorship that was established, “independent”, “democratic”, “republic” do not belong in the description of a dictatorship. This is what control freaks, communists, political leftists do to muddy the waters, they try to redefine words and use them is ways not found in the NON COMMUNIST dictionary. Everybody knows that Hitler was a “liberal”, “socialist”, “communist”…don’t they? Apparently not, The “liberal” press, uses the words “conservative” and “right” with the exact opposite definitions, than are actually found in the NON LIBERAL dictionary. When speaking of foreign nations like Germany, “conservative” or “right wing”, means what the country’s political government happens to be. Hitler’s Germany was progressive, socialist, communist, left wing. Yet they classify or define those who opposed Hitler as “liberals”. This is why they also always try to suggest that Hitler’s Germany was “republican” and “right wing”.

This is tied into another tactic of the left accusing the right, of what the left is guilty of, or advocates themselves. Which again is the exact opposite of reality. Think up a list of all the things that the constitution prohibits you from doing and the measure of how many areas of your personal and public life the constitution wants to “control” or “dictate”. Not much huh? Now think of how many areas of your personal life, speech, land use, environment, travel, private and public views, right of self protection, etc., the LIBERALS want to control, force you to do, compel, restrict, ban, or take away. Now it is unavoidable that stupid, unprincipled, uninformed, unthinking “liberal douchebags” (otherwise known as your typical democratic voter), will engage in making the issue, republican corruption, corporate corruption, etc. However when referring to “constitutional conservatives”, it is hardly honest to try and compare John McCain, Graham, Ryan, Bush, etc etc., to constitutional conservatives. The republican establishment is “liberal”. They are not conservative at all, much less constitutionally conservative. The republican establishment specialize in letting the “liberals” pass restrictive, regressive, pro communist, anti liberty, laws and agendas, while they “pretend” to be seeking to “roll it back”. And the republican establishment always makes sure that “somehow” they are unable to overturn the acts of “liberal” government…even when “republicans” control both houses of congress. “republicans” passed the fast track legislation (process rules) so that a simple majority is only needed for the lame duck communist’s agenda to get passed, this instead of a super majority. Now “republicans” say “we cannot stop it because we don’t have enough votes for a super majority”. This has caused the process of consent to be the exact opposite, and this by the actions of the “republican establishment”. Instead of 2/3’s for approval, as per the “constitution”, it takes 2/3’s to stop whatever the “leftist”, “liberal”, “communists” are up to. Corporations controlling the government and the government doing the interests of private and public corporations, also called crony capitalism, isn’t part of the constitution, nor is it advocated by “constitutional conservatives”. I think all lobbying is called “bribery” and anyone who offers a bribe, and anyone politician that accepts a bribe should be criminally charged. Both “republicans” and “democrats” do it, but a true “constitutional conservative” would not do it and call it a “crime”. I believe the actual origin of the word “lobby” used in lobbying in politics, refers to the dirtbags with agendas that hang around in the lobby, trying to catch politicians as they leave a building. This is also true of scam artists and hucksters hanging out in lobbies and train stations trying to catch people coming and going (high traffic area).

Neither “Bush” were constitutional conservatives or even fiscal conservatives. A constitutional conservative is conservative with the use of government, with telling people what they can and cannot do, what they can and cannot say, what they can and cannot do with their money, land use, and so forth. “Liberals” are the exact opposite and so are the “republican establishment”. The phrase “right wing extremist”, is used by “liberals” who are actually “restrictive” and have the extremist agenda themselves. The constitution is not “extremist” or an extreme document. The farthest “right” one can go, is the constitution…there is nothing to the “right” of the constitution. What is a leftist, restrictive, communist dirtbag starts talking about the religious right controlling the state or peoples lives? That would in actuality be a “religious leftist”. The “right” once again is given the exact opposite definition of what “right” is. The right does not seek to control people or their religious or non religious views. Because the constitution is not a “LEFTIST” or “LIBERAL” DOCUMENT. If the constitution were a “liberal document”, Harry Reid, Obama, Pelosy would not have spent all these years trying to “reinterpret” it and change it. If the constitution were a leftist document, it would read and have the language as if Harry Reid wrote it himself. Liberals are not the party of liberty, not for liberality of speech, nor for liberty with religious freedom. It is the leftists that talk of making it illegal to speak ones religious views and advocate them in the public square, not constitutional conservatives. “Liberal”? They are not “liberal”, they are intolerant. The secular humanist, anti-God, anti-Christian, evolution, big bang, man evolved from a bacteria bunch…are the “liberals”.

The “liberal” party being the very definition of communist, also picked a color that is the exact opposite…it should be RED. The red army, better red than dead, the red Chinese, etc., are not referring to the colors of the original constitutional conservative. Hitler put the swastika on His socialist red flag, so people could distinguish it from the red communist flag of the Bolshevik’s. The difference between Hitlers socialist party and the Bolsheviks was indiscernible. They were both leftist parties, both communist parties vying for power, and Hitler won. “Volkswagen” was “the peoples car”, not chosen or preferred by the people, but chosen for them by a dictator. It was the same for universal compulsory healthcare and universal gun control and banning. Ohh yeah, some people were allowed to have guns in Hitlers Germany… LIBERALS, SOCIALISTS, COMMUNISTS…all the same group of antifreedom thugs…known by different names, due to “rebranding”.