Did Christ suffer what He deserved? How was justice satisfied by the Father committing an injustice against His innocent Son? If we deserved that death, but were not given it, was justice done to us? If we were not treated in the way we deserved, then we were treated unjustly and justice was not satisfied. If Christ was treated unjustly, then so were we. If God punished an innocent instead of us, then an injustice was done unto us as well.

Who is it who thinks we should not be brought to justice? In the tribulation, is it not Satan and the antichrist who punish the innocent? Who is the one who accuses the brethren, always wanting to punish the innocent? There is only one right and one wrong. Does God have contradictory laws? Either God punishes the guilty or He doesn’t.

It was Judas who said he betrayed innocent blood. Judas, Peter, and the Pharisees treated Christ in the way He did not deserve. The thief on the cross wanted Christ to get them out of their due punishment. Who’s ways are those? Proverbs says it is the wicked who are “quick to shed innocent blood”. Satan even treats the wicked in the way they do not deserve by blessing them. So apparently God and Satan are using the same tactics and have the same ways? How then are they even in conflict? Is it not Satan who claims he is innocent and God is a liar who punishes unjustly? Who today is agreeing with Satan in unjustly accusing God of the ways of Satan himself?