He who says infants deserve death, IS NOT AN AUTHORITY on the truth, AND DOESN’T EVEN HAVE THE TRUTH, does not know God at all, but accuses God of being a psychotic deluded mental patient. Not! For they say that God knows what He is doing.

He who says Christ died in the place of ALL MEN which means EVERYMAN, and says that infants deserve death for corrupted DNA, is a satanic psychotic deluded fool who cannot even use the excuse of being in need of a psychiatrist. FOR HE HOLDS HIMSELF AS A BASTIAN OF TRUTH!

The sickest people I have ever seen or heard talk who live in pride and false piety are the psychotically religious. They always accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of. Their daddy invented that tactic and his name ain’t God.

Yeah, that’s right, maintenance theology, that is of the working man and the man who actually does things for others without having to be asked, instead of professing to give a crap while not doing anything ever.

If a man says he cares, yet does nothing, is proof of exactly nothing. If a man does what is needed, even when not saying a word, not making great professions BY WHAT HE DOES IS THE FRUIT OF HIS STATE AND PROOF THAT HE DOES CARE.

Tell me all damn day about your great professions of caring and being responsible while not doing a thing that you haven’t been nagged into doing. It is proof of nothing but an empty profession.

The slaves before and during the civil war did not deserve death for being slaves, but some people, virtually all suggest that God blames the slaves to sin for their slavery as if they are responsible for it…and says they deserve death! The sickest people I know that exist aside from serial killers, rapists and child molesters are RELIGIOUS PEOPLE. And I would have to flip a quarter and guess which one is more sick and twisted. A man who kills you only kills your body, he does not seek to deceive your soul about God.

The satanically religious who portray God as the most severe Pharisee who ever lived EXPECTING THE IMPOSSIBLE OUT OF MEN and does not lift a single finger to help them himself, and says they deserve death EVEN INFANTS and even those of severe mental defect from birth, WILL HAVE A BRUTAL JUDGMENT! JUST FREAKING BRUTAL. Have a nice day and be sure to smile and say “amen” as you portray God as if He were the most sadistic psychotic deluded being in existence. Scratch that.  You can go to Hell, which is the lake prison.

God has never and never will create a being in a state and then hold the being accountable for the state he was created and/or born in, against the being as if it is the beings fault! Mark it down you religious jackasses. “Who put me in this body?” (BIG CLUE: it wasn’t my momah or my daddy or Adam).

So the religious right is against abortion (I am not judging the merits of abortion or the lack thereof herein). But then the religious right says after you are born that being born is basically a crime and the infant deserves death, EVEN CRUCIFIED AND DESERVES WRATH! (But their slogan is right to life, when they say you deserve to die for being born?) You are the sickest most satanic people I ever heard of. Aleister Crowley and Anton Levy got nothing on you sick freaks. THEY ARE BOY SCOUTS IN SICKNESS COMPARED TO YOU!

Try and refute anything I say. nah, you know better. I am the freaking authority! The elder shall serve the younger.

There are legal distinctions between completely different states and offenses.The infant, the child, the man, the adult enslaved to the corrupt impulses of his biology, is not in the same LEGAL UNIVERSE AS CHARLES MANSON, BTK, ETC. Normal people know this, I know this, but you satanically religious depict God as not knowing this, actually worse: God knowing the differences and bearing false witness about the varying states of each man.

Slavery to sin is not slavery to all sin! One is not enslaved to murder, rape, molestation, bowing to idols OR PORTRAYING GOD AS IF HE IS CHARLEY MANSON! And deliverance from sin is not deliverance from all sin. That which is under your control YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR! That which is beyond your control, you have need of God for.

Yeah that’s right. Just try and touch anything I say, YOU CAN’T

The Principled Legal Standard for the First GENUINE Doctrinal Reformation of the Church. Yeah I wrote it and I’m a hillbilly with the mannerisms of one, preferring the ridiculous to pass the time of day. The wise are bout to be confounded and humbled. ITS UNSTOPPABLE.