“Why did your God create evil? Ah ha I got you now. You cannot answer!”

So I saw a tweet by some self-induced-mental-defective-humanist, who pretended to be oh so wise! She asked a question on twitter a few times and then “declared victory” as if she had an unanswerable question, or more accurately that her  question addressed or brought attention to an irreconcilable conundrum that cannot be answered by Christians. Well, some Christians may not be able to give an answer, or most in fact may not be able to give the perfect answer. But I can, and not only give the correct answer, but also prove that that satanic pinhead has made herself less intelligent and rational than the average Rhesus monkey. And this is her own doing. Professing to be wise, ivy league wise, she has become an idiot ( insert “fool”, for those who are religious potato chip bags which are delicate crinkle easy at plainer words that mean the same thing ).

First of all God has never created any information, or to be more accurate, information in concept form. Now this is where I tend to start telling humanist pinheads that He is my God and they do not get to depict my God the way that they would like. Sorry, you do not get to pick my doctrines about God for me, you arrogant idiot. It is an admission of weakness and desperation to not be able to destroy your opponents beliefs, “as they are ,unmolested”. So opponents tend to want to be so arrogant as to dictate to me their view of the Christian God and try to make their views mine. Once again, sorry, I will not allow that and as I have explained, I know the reason they do that. The misuse of words is something that I am keen to, and will not let pass by unaddressed. The false rational, that is also impossible according to science is based on the misuse of the word “create”. God created all things-evil exists-God created evil-therefore God is not good-therefore He fails the standard of goodness-cannot be defended as being good-therefore God does not exist-all this for the purpose so that the humanist pinhead can pretend to be, superior, intelligent, in a higher estate than Christians, and their position therefore appears justified in denying what they know is the truth-as witnessed to them by God. So the accusation of wrongdoing made against Christians is that it is wrong to believe in a God that does not exist, or trust in God who cannot be good. So just as the satanic accusation against God, is that God is not good, and was used to try and make the rebellion have the appearance of justification; like Satan, the humanist-Rhesus monkey-wanna-be-pinhead makes the charge that God does not exist and if God did, he is not to be trusted in or relied on. So all who reject God make a slam against the personal character of God. So the wicked blaspheme and slander God, just like it is written they would. It is of no surprise that those who reject God advocate the rejecting of God. It is flawlessly logical that those who refuse to put faith in God, portray God as One whom is not worthy of their faith. They do this once again to try an put on a “believable pretense” before others and themselves that justifies their disobedience and refusal of faith in Him. The real reason behind their lies and “double speak” is that they know God is good, and they do not seek goodness themselves because they love evil. And it is them who do not live up to the standard, it is they who have the impure motive and are no good, and their words are not to be trusted, and one should place zero faith or reliance in them. To state that God created evil, is to state that God does not mean good toward others. But actually it is the humanist-goodness and God reject-or that does not mean others good.

In science and in reality concepts are not created things, or are not real things that you can pick up, handle and toss across the room. Therefore, concepts and information are not real created things, or real existing material things. Concepts do not come-out-of-nothing, in fact nothing can come out of nothing and the very phrase is once again the misuse of words, and is the applying to words definitions that do not exist in real life or the dictionary. God did not create Himself or the information contained within Himself. The Creator is not created and what He knows wasn’t created either. It is this attempt to misuse and misapply words and get away with it, that is done by all who bear false witness about God. God creating creatures and the material universe is a different use of the word “create”, than “creating a new idea”, for example. The word “Creating” being used in the context of new concepts or ideas, tactics, etc., is only done by one that has some measure of ignorance, or is not complete in his knowledge in ideas. That clearly is dictating that growth in knowledge is ongoing in the man. But that use of the word “create” as to new ideas, is a completely different word usage from Divine creation of the universe and the creatures within it”.

Now if the humanist that has devolved into something less intelligent than the average Rhesus monkey, doesn’t want to stick around to hear the entire answer and irrefutable line of reasoning that not only answers the question, but proves that the humanist has mentally devolved to the sub primate level, the reason why is obvious. They never wanted the question to be answered in the first place, and they certainly did not want their lack of intelligence and rationality to be revealed either. But really what answering the question correctly and fully does, is bust their false testimony, proving it to be false…and therefore they are without excuse. Well that is the last thing that they want to happen, which is their whole rationale and argument against God existing being proven to be completely without any basis in logic, or in the freaking dictionary of the correct definitions and applications of words for that matter. The next question to ask the sub-primate with a college degree is, that it is a fact that evil beings do exist. Now since the sub-primate humanist thought up the false basis to use against God, and that which is false is evil…who invented or “created” the humanists evil thoughts? It is interesting that the humanist has no problem with evil existing, so who created it then? SURELY THEY MUST NOT EXIST! Oh wait, the evil thinking humanist breaks the rules and has no problem with it being possible for they themselves to exist while “creating evil”. I will say this, that Lucifer is credited with creating evil in concept form all by himself and then carrying it out on others. What is funny is that Satan can create evil ideas and the sub-primate humanist can, and EXIST, but God who has not created evil ideas, or righteous ideas, IS NOT ALLOWED TO EXIST. God has not created good or righteousness either. God has never created any information about anything, ever. He always had the info. So when the sub-primate states that God created all things, therefore God created evil, why did God create evil???…When they try to do that around me…it is like giving me the sword, and bowing down into the right position, defenseless, for me to lop their conceptual and unintellectual head off(whilst they think they are on the verge of declaring victory) .

It’s interesting about evil as a concept.I  see why evolutionists who want to deny God, insist on evil being a created thing. Since they deny the “creation”, they argue that evil is not a created thing, as nothing in existence was created. Therefore, God can exist and evil is not a created thing, but if they insist on evil being a created thing…then they lie when they say there was no creation. So which is it, is evil a created thing or not? According to their own “professed beliefs” evil is not a created thing. They argue that everything came out of nothing(which is once again the misuse of words and definitions), and so therefore: “evil came out of nothing and was not created”. They contradict themselves and “evil which was not created in evolution by them, is a created thing if there is a Creator”. They cannot have it both ways, so the question is, is evil a created thing or not? “If there is a Creator it is a created thing, but if there is not a Creator, evil is not a created thing?”  So, evil is a created thing…only when they want it to be. And evil is not a created thing…when they don’t want it to be. Just as they “think up” evil ideas, why don’t they blame it on other humans who don’t “think up” evil ideas and those who refuse to do evil? Suggesting that God is responsible and “created” the evil that men think up, is classic liberalism, using rationalizations, completely illogical arguments, misuse of words and definitions, making something created one moment, and uncreated the next. How did evil come out of nothing once again, and this by accident? It seems even the word “accident” is the misuse of words. What are “the chances” of there being no-thing, no-where and no-place, and therefore no-way…for all things coming into existence? It’s like rick james, “there aint no thing-yeah, there’s things!” They lie about what “no-thing” is, it is the simple misuse of words and definitions. They do not use “no-thing” in it’s absolute and accurate form and definition. They want no-things, but they want a place for the no-thing to happen, and they want “a way” to exist in the no-thing, for things to come into existence. In literally and absolute no-thing, it is “no-all things”, or the absence of all things, for even “possibilities are things”, and a process to exist in order to make something possible…”is a thing”. So when they say no-thing, they do not really mean no-thing, just that some things did not exist, while others did. Therefore, it is not the beginning of all things, for some things preexisted the existence of others. How can the process exist of “all things coming out of no-thing”, when the process being in existence for that to happen, is a thing? For literally and absolutely no-thing, then there can be no process, or place for that process to happen, and no time for anything to occur. So, no-thing, no-time, no-place, no-process…makes for “any things” existing, impossible. So therefore we and the universe should not be here, if “absolute nothing” ever existed at any point in time…oops, I am sorry for there is no point time or place for no-thing to exist, for time and place are things are they not? Randomness, accidents, chance, probabilities, possibilities, and so forth, DO NOT EXIST WHEN THERE IS NO-THING. Hey evolutionists, no-thing is not defined as: “no-somethings-but yes-other things” YOU CRAP EATING, PHD RHESUS MONKEYS! They cannot use words correctly and their definitions as they exist in the real world dictionary to describe their unreal ideas. The truth is their “idea” of all things coming from no-thing, cannot be explained by them, and it is they who have the irreconcilable conundrum, not us. For I never said there was a time when there was no-thing.

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