27 06, 2016

Amazon Book Review by Crazy Internet Stalker

UPDATE: She deleted this entire review after being busted for lying. And has since posted a new review which is posted at the bottom of this page. UPDATE: Either Amazon or this woman has deleted the review again. The following is a one star "review" of The Principled Legal Standard [...]

24 06, 2016

Penal Substitution Heresy – False Gospel – Youtube Conversation

The Principled Legal Standard God has never punished the innocent and never will, starting with His own Son. Penal substitution was the honor doctrine, repackaged and rebranded as it were a different doctrine, but is the same doctrine. The same knuckleheads who invented the ball earth also came up with [...]

19 06, 2016

Brainout’s Appeals Trial Doctrine Under Legal Examination

Brainout's "Satan series" as she referred to in on Franklin Forum, is supposed to give the logical legal order of events, From the rebellion, first trial, verdict of guilty, and sentencing of the rebellious angels. It continues with an appeals trial, where the first verdict is invalidated, reversed, thrown out [...]

18 11, 2015

Appeal’s Trial Doctrine Conversation

Since Brian Outy apparently does not want her followers to know the entirety of the conversation, as she was selective in posting hardly any of it on her forum, I have posted it here for all to see. Brain Outy Seriously? Are you crazy? YOU don't know anything about basic [...]

12 06, 2015

R. B. Thieme – False Appeals Trial Doctrine

Post to R. B. Thieme Tapers on Facebook about their false Appeals Trial Doctrine and their responses. Oukexergon: NONE of God's verdicts or judgments are mutable or are open to appeal. God tries all evidence and His legal verdicts are permanent, without any doubt whatsoever. An appeal granted has the [...]

28 12, 2014

Encounter with the Satanically Religious in Paltalk

Conversation in Paltalk room entitled: Positional Truth is Revisionist History (09:45 PM‪) *** blissfully_unaffiliated has joined the room *** (09:46 PM‪) blissfully_unaffiliated: jesus saves! (09:46 PM‪) principledsandard: Jesus don't lie about the past (09:46 PM‪) principledsandard: he don't lie about anything (09:46 PM‪) principledsandard: he don't lie about your past [...]

25 12, 2014

heavensent_john315, the RELIGIOUS FREAK ON PALTALK

(09:15 PM‪) heavensent_john315: do you know any babies? (09:16 PM‪) principledsandard: yeah (09:16 PM‪) principledsandard: and i do not think they deserve to be nailed to trees (09:16 PM‪) principledsandard: do you? (09:16 PM‪) heavensent_john315: what do babies deserve? (09:16 PM‪) heavensent_john315: why would you nail a baby to a [...]

9 10, 2014

PALTALK: Typical encounter with the satanically religious

(11:22 PM‪) *** savedbygrace_thru_faith has joined the room *** (11:23 PM‪) savedbygrace_thru_faith: what theological law do u follow? principledsandard: the one where the most basic principles of law are applied to god (11:23 PM‪) savedbygrace_thru_faith: what law? principledsandard: where god never punishes the innocent and never has, starting with his [...]

16 08, 2014

Chat room transcript

(10:48 PM‪) Alert: Put yourself in God's place. Would YOU (not God) YOU judge that infants, those with mental defect, the ignorant, the enslaved...Justify your case, about how they do not meet your standards, knowing they can't, and deserve such a horrid death. (10:48 PM‪) *** principledsandard has joined the [...]