(10:48 PM‪) Alert: Put yourself in God’s place. Would YOU (not God) YOU judge that infants, those with mental defect, the ignorant, the enslaved…Justify your case, about how they do not meet your standards, knowing they can’t, and deserve such a horrid death.

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(10:50 PM‪) The world does not know God, but they know His justice because of their love of evil
principledsandard: They cannot purge that from their conscience
principledsandard: that is why the idea of facing justice for their evil is the motivator for their false testimony
principledsandard: about what “justice is according to them”
principledsandard: it always includes them being able to commit evil and escape having to give account for it
principledsandard: Most men prefer the darkness to the light, for the light reveals that their deeds are evil
principledsandard: therefore, they prefer the false testimony about themselves, to coverup their evil, so they think
principledsandard: if there is no God then there is no justice, or standard by which to judge their deeds and classify them as evil
principledsandard: if there is no “bench mark” or standard, then all is grey and remains in the shadows of relativism
principledsandard: if an innocent faces justice and gives account for the sins of others, in their place…then those that love evil still do not face justice or have to give account for their evil deeds
principledsandard: calvinists prefer to testify falsely that no free will exists, for it absolves them of their own decisions to love that which is evil
principledsandard: they do not acknowledge it now before men, but the reason they deny freewill, is so they can argue that point at the review judgment
principledsandard: all false doctrines are for the purposes of justyfing sin and evil deeds,
principledsandard: by protraying God as violating the law, for sin, all sin is lawlessness
principledsandard: therefore God becomes just like them, violators of the law and having an impure motive
principledsandard: therefore, if such a “god” tries to condemn them, his hypocrisy is pointed out, in condemning them for what he himself is guilty of
principledsandard: therefore such a “god” is to be ignored and not submitted to, for he is their equal
principledsandard: just like them
principledsandard: but it is of satan that the evil doers say “he has become weak just like us”…”he has become like us”
principledsandard: Does a girl born and developing leukemia and living to the age of 6 and dying…deserve the sadistic horrid suffering that Christ endured?
principledsandard: Is God the author of sadistic intentions toward infants, MRDD, the ignorant, the enslaved, the autistic?
principledsandard: Put yourself in the place of God, throw out the doctrines that you give your “god” and judge things for yourself
principledsandard: What is called for? Using a standard that others cannot meet, even infants, the mentally defective, the ignorant and enslaved…and judging them by it as if they could meet it?
principledsandard: is that not bearing false witness? It an attitude or judgment such as that devoid of mercy, compassion and even truthfulness, lying against their inabilities?
principledsandard: Is it not lying against reality itself? For what is the reality?
principledsandard: is the judgment you render to those that cannot meet your “standard” unrealistic?
principledsandard: Can infants be righteous? (CAN is the word…not “are they”, but CAN THEY?) Can the mentally defective be righteous and meet your standard? ( it is a yes or no question)…WELL?
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principledsandard: SPEAK!
principledsandard: Justify your judgment against them.
principledsandard: justify it before me, and if you can, i will believe
principledsandard: For it is not the standard, it is the overly harsh judgment made by you for not being able to even reach it, much less keep
principledsandard: Logic and the standard of law according to reality and the truth of the matter is that what is causing the problem IS THE TARGET
principledsandard: man being born ignorant and not being able to be righteous because of ignorance of the knowledge of God, causes ignorance to be the TARGET
principledsandard: being born enslaved to the corrupt overbearing biological instincts of the body or flesh, causes sin in the flesh to BE THE TARGET
principledsandard: That is why he has come to shed light and condemn sin in the flesh and to rescue men from the flesh
principledsandard: The TARGET is what needs to die or be done away with, not the hostage
principledsandard: the slave master is THE TARGET, the flesh
principledsandard: the death or mortification is the death or the rendering inactive, subjegated corrupt overbearing biological sin nature, or the fleshy nature
principledsandard: that all things be brought into subjegation to Christ! Even the flesh, which is THE TARGET
principledsandard: the kidnapper is the TARGET, not the hostage being held and not free to do the WILL OF GOD.
principledsandard: For that which we are not responsible for, we are not held accountable for, and is to be overlooked.
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(11:22 PM‪) callmekyle2000heretoo: hi
principledsandard: hello
(11:22 PM‪) callmekyle2000heretoo: what is the entire title of this room?
(11:22 PM‪) callmekyle2000heretoo: I can’t see it
principledsandard: this is a room about justufying ones own beliefs, or doctrines that he ascribes to god
(11:23 PM‪) callmekyle2000heretoo: so what is the room title?
principledsandard: do infants and the mentally retarded, developmentally disabled, deserve the grueling suffering and death that christ experienced?
principledsandard: thats what the title means
(11:24 PM‪) callmekyle2000heretoo: lol what is your religion?
principledsandard: the lawful one
(11:24 PM‪) callmekyle2000heretoo: which is called?
principledsandard: the principled legal standard for the FIRST GENUINE doctrinal reformation of the church
(11:25 PM‪) callmekyle2000heretoo: ok well gotta run
principledsandard: go ahead and run
(11:25 PM‪) callmekyle2000heretoo: thanks for your time
principledsandard: i was here anyway
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principledsandard: Would you overlook, or not take issue with the ignorance and inabilities of infants? of 6 year olds? of 10 year olds? Of the enslaved to the fleshy instincts?

principledsandard: I have identified the TARGETS or the causers of the unlawful state. I will identify the solution as well.

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principledsandard: Remove the ignorance by the distribuition of correct information, as to the circumstances, states and conditions of debility of men

principledsandard: shed light on the standard, and even make the standard manifest among men, and lift the standard up to draw men unto it and God.

principledsandard: For all those that desire that which is good will be drawn by their desire for it, and He that is good.

 principledsandard: Christ was lifted up to draw all men unto God, to offer reconciliation for all men unto God, by enablement through Him unto the standard and state which He made manifest

 principledsandard: Job was tested, Paul was tested, daniel was tested, Esther was tested, David was tested, JESUS CHRIST WAS TESTED, TEMPTED AT EVERY POINT LIKE US, YET WAS WITHOUT SIN.

principledsandard: And so He was obedient, even unto the death on the cross. The cross was a demonstration of His righteousness.

principledsandard: I say again, His righteousness.

principledsandard: He gave evidence that he was trustworthy and of pure motive, and could be relied on. For He fulfilled the will of God and demonstrated how it can be done, here on earth in a body of flesh.

 principledsandard: He revealed the will of God and goodly intentions of God toward all men, that whoever might trust in Him, would receive all of the good things that God to offer man resolve man’s dilemma and problems with sin.

principledsandard: And one might say “what of the justice of God and sin?”: I say the justice of God is not blind to man’s debilitated state and deficiencies, for justice does not lie against reality, for justice is God.

 principledsandard: Why be hung up on punishment, when none is called for? (concerning that which is beyond man’s control). is not the solution to those problems the greater of the two?

principledsandard: The scape goat takes their sins outside of the camp and is set free and lives on…It is only through His life after He was tested and proven trustworthy, that He removed the sins from the camp.

principledsandard: And all that is left are men in the lawful state, for their sins have been removed.

principledsandard: When a man, even a believer commits sins and evil deeds that are under his control, ignorance is not the target, for it is not the problem.

principledsandard: The sin nature of the flesh is not the TARGET, for it is NOT THE PROBLEM.

principledsandard: The man himself, residing in the body becomes the TARGET.

 principledsandard: There is sin that leads to physical death and there is sin that does not lead to physical death. This principle is found in the Mosaic law is it not?

principledsandard: So the robber and capital offender became the TARGET and was on the cross next to Christ and was suffering the due penalty for his crimes

principledsandard: and the robber admitted as much and stated that Christ had done nothing wrong to deserve what men had done to Him.

principledsandard: And he was drawn to Christ and trusted in Him…And Christ remembered Him.

principledsandard: And he is still with Him today.

principledsandard: it was just incidental that the robber was on a cross next to Him, for he could just as easily have been a pillar of the community standing on the ground before the cross of Christ looking up…and even say “surely this man was the Son of God!”

principledsandard: So whether a man is suffering a penalty for crimes that he is reponsible for avoiding, or he is not…IS IRRELEVANT.

principledsandard: It says to believe on or trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved, or delivered from the ignorance, from your debilitated state, from the fleshy corrupt overbearing nature and instincts. DO SO TODAY.