Post to R. B. Thieme Tapers on Facebook about their false Appeals Trial Doctrine and their responses.

Oukexergon: NONE of God’s verdicts or judgments are mutable or are open to appeal. God tries all evidence and His legal verdicts are permanent, without any doubt whatsoever. An appeal granted has the force of law behind the appeal & vacates the original verdict, finding legal fault with it…in not trying and eliminating every possible avenue of defense. The appeals trial is blasphemy and a charge against God of the violation of law, legal process, evidence and discovery, violation of the standard for verdicts…which is irrefutability! The appeals trial doctrine of thieme is an accusation against God, pure and simple. If the verdict could be legally called into question, then God violated the standard of law in it’s entirety, and Satan would have stood not proven legally guilty…with God falsely declaring that Satan is guilty. A refutable, appealable verdict that can “be called into question”, is in legal reality and standards of law, only “alleged”, as yet unproven. If God and His judgments can be called into question, God has not proven it! ow go back and worship at the alter of thieme the deceiver.

Exegete Psalms 119:60 (try exegeting the English first, got a dictionary? “all”= ALL, Judgments endure forever= mean all His judgments are unappealable forever)
All your words are true; all your righteous laws are eternal. … The entirety of Your
word is truth, and all Your righteous judgments endure forever.

Bradley O Herod: Why would you join a group like this if you are against the Col’s ministry?

Oukexergon: Why is it we have God holding a higher standard of law than thieme and you all do? That which is false about God is a slam against God, portraying Him as unjust. So who is it? The one’s who say God’s verdicts can be called into question and doubt, or the one’s who say that has never happened once and never will? Who’s standards of law are higher, the verdicts that contain doubt and that doubt being exposed by Satan, or those who says the all knowing God does not pretend that He forgot to try a fact or defense or evidence…but weights all aspects of a case before rendering an unappealable verdict? For a verdict does not become “questionable” when it is questioned, but if it is questionable, it is because IT WAS ALL ALONG! Now pretend like we need 1 john 1:9 you elitist airheads! Even pretend we aren’t Christian or have no knowledge…pretend all you want while ignoring what is obvious and wiggle like worms and do a thieme pc controled vocabulary quote, MARIONETTES

Janet Phillips Rake: While the judgments endure forever have you forgotten about Hezekiah so quickly? The passage with the expression, to which you refer in Psalms, assumes a final judgment. There are tentative judgments as Hezekiah’s. And with whom did Jacob wrestle? A patient and longsuffering God. Not every judgment of God is intended to be final, ask Abraham some day as he whittled God to 10 people. Those judgments are by God to provoke. Even if a judgment be final he will endure some appeals that his glory and integrity be manifested . J&T

Oukexergon: The legal judgment of God men, satan and the angels is not “tentative”…try using that word as you stand before God in review. how long a man lives is irrelevant to legal verdicts. Evidence and guilt is not tentative. satan will be let out of the lake of fire because God’s judgment was “tentative”…ohh its only tentative when you want it to be…only when you cannot explain your doctrines. A LEGAL TRIAL IS NOT GOD ANSWERING A MAN’S PRAYER FOR A FEW MORE YEARS OF BIOLOGICAL LIFE, nor does a legal trial use the same standards. unbelievable! God’s court isnt tentative with Satan, the rebellion, crime, with the antichrist or unbelievers, or the eternal sin… which Satan committed himself when he rebelled, rejecting the truth, knowing what it is.

Watch “R.B. Thieme Jr. Didn’t Know Basic Law”