Brainout’s “Satan series” as she referred to in on Franklin Forum, is supposed to give the logical legal order of events, From the rebellion, first trial, verdict of guilty, and sentencing of the rebellious angels. It continues with an appeals trial, where the first verdict is invalidated, reversed, thrown out (pick whatever phrase you want). She did make the claim that one has the right to appeal a judgment or verdict of of God, calling a “human freedom mechanism” or some such rot. This of course is a fantasy term made up out of thin air (just like liberals do and the satanically religious do all the time). She also in her comment claimed the right to appeal is “recourse…..”. This of course is a fantasy definition, for the legal definition according to “contract law” is when a contract is breached or violated, legal recourse is going to court FOR THE FIRST TIME, or even a criminal referral to a district attorney or prosecutor and so forth, if it is a criminal breach, such as fraud or theft. for example. Brainout refers to Matthew 25:41 as proof that Satan was convicted and sentenced to the lake of fire, due to the “perfect tense”, of “prepared” in the case of the pyre. What she seems to think is that the perfect tense of “prepared” means the lake of fire must have been completed at a time prior to Christ’s mentioning of it in Matthew 25. However what brainout does miss completely is the “future tense” (tote erei), “then he will say” (speaking of Himself in the third person, the Son of man). So the timing of the statement made in Matthew 25:41 is what will be said in the future, and before that time in the “future”, the lake of fire will have been constructed and completed. Just because Christ is stating what will be said by Him at the final review evaluation of all Christ rejecters, has the lake prison completed…does not mean it was completed already at the time he was speaking in the gospel. The timing of the statement made in Matthew WAS NOT the time Christ was talking about it nearly 2,000 years ago. What Christ said was predictive prophesy. Yet brainout claims to be an expert in Greek exegesis! She never met me or spent anytime with me to quiz me on my knowledge. So she and hypostasis, and someone with the user name “guest” have been speaking falsely about the PLS book and my doctrines. You will have that with elitist arrogant fools, because that is exactly what they are….Professing to be wise, but are fools.

It is my contention that there was no appeal trial, nor is there any reference to any, just as there is no reference to the lake of fire having been completed before the cross and resurrection of Christ. Just like all apeals trial heretics do, is they always make just a general reference to the “first trial”, but never detail it. They do the same with the “relative human righteousness doctrine”, they can never give an example of relative human righteousness. I do not care what a man does, if he is hostile in mindset to God, be he ignorant of that fact, or knowledgeable of what he is doing, HE REMAINS IN AN UNLAWFUL STATE. You cannot make the claim of being any kind of righteous, while holding beliefs that are contrary to Gods, and therefore making God out to be a liar…even if the man is unaware that this is the case. “Call God a liar, while helping an old lady across the street” and claim to be “righteous”. Regardless of the human goodness aside, human courts allow appeals regardless of how “slam dunk guilty” a person is. This is due to the frailty of error prone justice system setup by man. It is also because man is limited in his knowledge and awareness. Man’s criminal courts hold “beyond a reasonable doubt” as their standard or hinge point for the seesaw tilt toward a guilty verdict. But even an unreasonable doubt, still contains some doubt. However, God’s court standards are irrefutable proof and verdicts without any doubt present at all. This is not only for absolute legal perfection, but also to shut the mouths of the naysayers. This of course is exhaustively detailed and much more in The Principled Legal Standard for the First Genuine Doctrinal Reformation of the Church. There is also an argument made by me in the book of the appeals trial heretics having a lesser standard of jurisprudence and process than mine. Brainout continues in her god’s…err, “Satan series” that Satan claimed that God was “unfair” in his rebellion. That is not exactly legal language that could be used in court (as framed). However, I will give brainout some credit, which is the credit is stumbling over something and not knowing what it is, or the legal ramifications of it. So I will educate the 30 year contract lawyer on the BASICS OF LAW, and orient her to actual legal thinking. When two parties disagree and neither suffer from ignorance, having full knowledge of the reasons why they disagree and what the opposing party’s stance is, THEY ARE CALLING EACH OTHER A LIAR! And since “righteousness” (see the passunmeno standard of righteousness in the PLS chapter 2 , which can be read @ ) was the standard or “contract” (gee I sound like a contract lawyer), when Satan broke or criminally violated the contract, the “RECOURSE” (as defined in the legal dictionaries not some religious nutbags head) was to go to court, criminal court. When one lies, one is covering up something, and aside from violations of the sunshine law, misleading others into believing a lie, impure motives…ONE CANNOT BE RIGHTEOUS, JUST, LOVING OR LAWFUL (and you can add every other positive character trait on the map to the list of things one cannot be if one lies). To further brainout, the contract lawyers education on law ( free of charge ), as to things that can be seen with the “naked natural eye” as to outward acts, such as witnesses to a murder, that kind of testimony is totally different from what is perceivable or professed that cannot be seen with the natural naked eye. This is where brainout doesn’t understand the book of Job, what witnessing or professions about God and His goodness actually is. Proof of this can be easily provided because brainout claims witnessing and testimony is what it is not, EVIDENCE! Job testified about God, and even the testing of Job vindicated Job in two respects, Job did not profess to God’s goodness because of being bribed, or because of witness intimidation. All the testing of Job accomplished is that Job without a conflict of interest, but it did leave legally unsettled or unconfirmed as to whether God was a venerable fellow or not. For just as the elect angels could testify all damn day long that Good is righteous, it would accomplish nothing. The same is true for the rebellious angels, they all could make professions that Satan is correct in His accusation against God. This is also why adding to the number of witnesses by the creation of the human race, DOES NOTHING. The proof is in the pudding, not in what some guys say about the pudding. “Evidentiary testimony” is an oxymoron, because testimony about God is just a profession. This is also why brainout also does not understand what is behind the legal statement that Jesus Christ is JUST and the JUSTIFIER OF ALL WHO BELIEVE. The cross was for the demonstration of His righteousness. Jesus Christ provided evidence of what no other human could, THE MOTIVES AND RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD! Job, Abraham, all others could only profess that they “perceive” that God is good, but NONE of them could provide evidence that He was. Mind you, NONE OF US TODAY can provide evidence that God is righteous. We can only speak of what we perceive of God. Concerning things which can only be perceived…law is not by consensus, so adding more witnesses, even billions, results in ZERO LEGAL PROGRESS! This is also why they blaspheme God, YES YOU BRAINOUT…for it must be your contention that Christ did not provide enough evidence, so we got to add some..but we cannot because professions about what cannot be seen, but only perceived as to the inner intent and state of God, ARE NOT EVIDENCE. An easy example might be for someone to tell me that they saw a man on a date give 5 bucks to a homeless man on the street and claim he did good. I might suggest that the man gave the homeless guy 5 bucks to impress the girl he was dating, in order to get in the sack! Well, how do we figure out what the truth is, add more witnesses to testify as to what they might perceive about the man’s motives? NOPE, zero legal progress is made that way. The “romeo” will have to be tested himself directly…hence the “motive test”, and the “search for a conflict of interest” as is exhaustively covered in the PLS book. Jesus Christ was tested and tempted and crossed examined by Satan in the wilderness, but was without sin or a conflict of interest, also devoid of an impure motive. And Jesus Christ being the exact representation of the Father as to pure motive, good intent, lawful and righteous state, ANSWERED THE DAMN QUESTION AND PROVIDED EVIDENCE THAT ALL OTHERS COULD ONLY PROFESS TO BE TRUE OR DENY BY FALSE PROFESSIONS. What brainout also does not understand is biblical hypocrisy (which is also exhaustively covered in the PLS book, just as every other legal angle is). Hypocrisy is “not” merely a double standard, it is the hypocrite accusing of the innocent of what the hypocrite is actually guilty of. By doing this, the false and unreal claim of role reversal occurs. It is undeniably simple and irrefutable. Satan by claiming to be telling the truth and God being the liar, attempted to portray complete role reversal between the two. So you got two guys, each saying “I am right and telling the truth, to be venerated, and the other guy is the liar”. So two fellas say “worship me, the other guy is evil”, at best only one is telling the truth, and at worse both are lying and full of pride. Brainout further exhibits her lack of knowledge of not just of the basics of law, but makes a statement that is wrong if she made it hypothetically, and blasphemous as well as wrong if she meant it literally, which was in paraphrase “the one who wins gets to rule”. I stated myself in the PLS book, that even hypothetically a corrupt God guilty of Satan’s accusations, being infinitely more powerful than Satan, would retain His place by BRUTE FORCE. And I will not get into it concerning whether brainout meant it literally, so I will give her a break on that. But as I stated, even hypothetically, God being found guilty of Satan’s accusations results in TWO SATANS and God is stronger. So just as Satan would not willingly resign, neither would a corrupt God. In fact Satan is thrown down in the future, out of court, because he will not go willingly. Neither would a corrupt God, and no one is able to throw God down. It is funny that hupostasis said on the frank forum that God don’t need a trial! He knows all the facts beforehand! This shows his infantile understanding of God’s standards and law. In order to prove something in God’s court, EVIDENCE is needed, and God not only doesn’t mind providing evidence, IT IS HIS STANDARD OF JURISPRUDENCE. Once again the frank forum member acts as if the standard of law is “optional” for God, as if He does not have to follow it. Just as Job was tested, and this means subject to legal inquiry, Moses, Noah, Daniel et. el. were. Brainout also does not know how to exegete worth a crap. One easy example is “thanatos” refers to a judgment of death by a legal, governmental authority, be it man’s court or God’s. And the judgment of death can be punitive or non punitive as the case may be. In the case of human courts the judgment of death can be punitive by mistake or on purpose due to the corruption and criminality of the court itself. Apothnesko refers to physical death. This is why the LXX Genesis 2:17 says (thanatos) death by judgment of the divine court (anarthurous contruction) which further defined is (apothnesko) PHYSICAL DEATH. This is what Romans 5:12, “The death” (singular) is referring to…physical death. This is why Paul (who surely was saved, so the “fantasy spiritual death” cannot be being referred to) said he awaited the deliverance form “the thanatos” or the death as a believer. The definite articles are left out in the translations on purpose as they do whatever fudging of the translations to make it seem like the bible fits their false narrative of penal substitution (which by the way is a satanic doctrine for the purpose of portraying God as unjust and as corrupt as Satan, and I might say brainout is very good at protraying God as if He were Satan. And if she don’t repent she will get the satanic parking lot space for favorite employees for all eternity…and she will have “her own burning legs lamp” for satanic brainout powers). Just as they could not answer the question concerning infants and only pretended to (which is called bearing false witness), by claiming that infants who die are “auto ingrafted”, they will not be able to answer this next question. If all men are born in a state of spiritual death then how can Christ suffer spiritual death in the place of all men? (this is where they pretend to answer the question but do not, also called lying, by stating something like, “all the sins were imputed in Him” ). Then I will ask the question AGAIN, because I did not ask about imputation, or paying a ransom to justice as if it were a wolf wanting to eat the sheep, or a kidnapper…so lets drop the pretenses, which is also called bearing false witness…If All men are in a state of spiritual death, then How can it be said that Christ died a substitutionary spiritual death…when all men were already in that state? is it time to still not answer the question and claim that Christ paid with his thinking? lol They cannot even describe how such a thing is done as payment by thinking. its a fantasy satanic liberalism, which is an unreal use of words. Was he punished or was He not? The bible talks about a thing called WRATH!!!!! (really pissed off wrath). So they contradict themselves, when they state that God cannot touch sin, therefore spiritual death on all men. Yet Christ died that spiritual death in all men’s places? (big contradiction). Brainout and Robert Thieme (oh he can’t because HE’S DEAD)…might want to visit Romans 5:15 which states exactly what “the thanatos” (judgment of death by the divine court “non punitive”) is. It is stated quite clearly ( and can even be exgeted! )…out of the trespass of the one, the many “APOTHANON” (apothnesko) SUFFER PHYSICAL DEATH. This is why Romans 5:12-15 is in line with what LXX Genesis 2:17 says in anarthurous. Adam was supposed to stay uninvolved in the legal case between God and Satan, not acquiring the knowledge of good or evil. And this is what the original “falling short” (hamarita) of God’s intentions was. But Adam ate Got involved and became subject to full legal scrutiny ( the real meaning of hapax legomena “katakrima” ), and became subject to death by judgment of the court for motive testing purposes…also the revealing of possible conflicts of interest, or the elimination of those things as a possibility…ABSOLUTELY!

Though I could go on for many pages and reveal how legally stupid and devoid of any sense of law and jurisprudence brainout’s satanic doctrines are, I will just add a few more things. When two parties disagree, they are calling each other a liar, there is BAD FAITH between the parties…and it would be surely beyond just the mere appearance of a conflict of interest of corruption, IT WOULD BE A VIOLATION OF LAW for god to decide the case BY HIS WORD! (impersonation Thieme ). Satan ain’t gonna take God’s word for nothing at all, he called God a liar before they even got to court. Words deciding a case, demanding FAITH, is not a higher legal standard…ITS THE VIOLATION OF THE STANDARD OF LAW IN IT’S ENTIRETY! The higher standard of law, provides evidence ( even of what the judge knew was true before all creation ), and lets evidence be the third and impartial witness ( so to speak ). Lady justice stands with a blindfold on, because she is not a respecter of persons. This means the same rules and standards of justice and scales for all beings, be they God, angels or man. And words are not put in the scale nor is testimony or professions of what men or angels “perceive” is true or is not true about God, EVIDENCE IS PUT IN THE SCALE AND IT’S WEIGHT TIPS THE SCALE, YEA OR NAY!

Finally, God says “I will punish the willful wrongdoer!” ( only a p8inhead like Thieme and his fellow legal MORONS can interpret that into “I will not punish the willful wrongdoer, I will instead punish my innocent Son! The reason I said interpret, because they sure as hell can exegete “will” into “will not”) I will deal with the “magic superstar preposition whose only possible definition is substitution” at a later date. But I will say that the word “huper” is found where the good shepherd lays down His life for His sheep…and they were never intended to be eaten by wolves nor deserved it. Justice is not a wolf seeking to tear into dumb sheep and rip them to shreds…because in that analogy the vicious unprincipled animalistic wolf, which the corrupted nature of a wolf, still wanted to get at the sheep and rip them to shreds as he fought against the good shepherd. In fact the wolf was fighting to get to the sheep the whole time he fought against the shepherd. Ransom is paid to kidnapppers and man stealers, to free them. Justice is not a kidnapper, nor did justice stand in the way of deliverance. This is another thing that does not make sense in their twisted doctrines and supposed logical line of legal reasoning. “man sinned, and justice demands sins be punished BEFORE man is delivered!” Yet explain why anyone was saved before the cross? It seems that salvation is by FAITH not by the punishment of sins first as a prerequisite as the legal morons claim. I find it funny that brain out states and implies that the “jurisprudence of the cross” and “appeals” trial is different from the standards of jurisprudence and legal distinctions as fund in the Mosaic standard (which not one single letter of it will ever pass away , as per the solemn “words of Christ” )…yet brainout claims she is an expert of the law and uses her some 30 years as a “contract lawyer” for her “qualifications” and ‘credentials…since when is using human law, which you claim is not used in your ‘cross jurisprudence, qualify you? Under the Mosaic law there is no appeal process whatsoever, once found guilty a murderer is put to death PERIOD. It also reveals “super legal moronism” to suggest that the “safe areas” such a Shiloh was an “appeal”…that is perhaps the stupidest thing I ever heard! The safe areas, 3 of them I think, had to do with accidental deaths where there were no witnesses. The example given was two men in the woods alone cutting wood and an axe head flies off mid-swing killing the other man. The reason for Shiloh and the others places, was so the man could find refuge from the dead man’s vengeful family, that’s all. Do you really thin the safe areas were for when a murderer was proven guilty by the court of Israel…if he could do a jail break and make it to Shiloh before caught, he could live there for the lifespan of the current High Priest? lol Unbelievable! They ran to the safe areas not because it is an appeal…NOT COURT HAD BEEN ASSEMBLED YET! Man are some lawyers dense. lol WOE TO YOU LAWYERS TOO!

How the hell is anyone going to get to appeal their judgment using “the human freedom mechanism”? Name one human who got or will get a new trial after being convicted and found guilty by God.