penal substitute

2 07, 2015

The Only Lawful View of God

I have gone through the full gambit of legal reasoning and argumentation and have written it all down in a single volume. It is available on Amazon. And the first ten chapters can be read for free using the sneak peek. I understand the problems people are seeing with the [...]

8 05, 2014

Penal Substitution is False

Penal substitution is the view that because man sinned and is guilty,  justice called for man to be punished, "but God so loved the world"... It makes a complete injustice seem to be of good intent. There is no good intent involved in complete injustice. And any gooshy feelings involved [...]

2 05, 2014

There is Only One Righteousness

According to the perfect legal standards of the Mosaic law, if you knowingly put an innocent man to death (a man undeserving of death according to justice and the law), then you shall loose your life, since you have committed a crime and the epitome of an injustice. The penalty [...]