According to the perfect legal standards of the Mosaic law, if you knowingly put an innocent man to death (a man undeserving of death according to justice and the law), then you shall loose your life, since you have committed a crime and the epitome of an injustice. The penalty is “life for life”. God has the same sense of justice and the same legal standards. The lawgiver follows the very laws He provides. Just as there is only one righteousness, so there is only one justice and one principled legal standard. If your interpretation or doctrine concerning the events and happenings of the sacrifice of Christ portray God the Father as violating this absolute principled legal standard of justice, then you are a blasphemer. And whether you know it or not, you are accusing God of wrongdoing. All legal principles are unalterable absolutes. And an absolute legal principle that is violated whether by God, angel or man, is still a violation of the very same legal principle. Just as it is a violation of law for man to punish the innocent, so the standard of goodness, lawfulness and justice itself does not change when it is applied to, or is executed by different individuals, even individuals who are of a different species than man. If you put a man to death, one whom you and the law find to be completely without sin and undeserving of it, you have broken the law of God.