@CameliaCottage says: Was the author tripping on drugs whilst this was being written? Seriously,RU4 real?

@theplsbook says: there hasnt been a true reformation since the dark ages began. you been lied to.

@theplsbook says: interesting you would say that seeing that we believe in the lawful God. says a lot about you

@theplsbook says: now lets see what your view of God is. What have infants done to deserve wrath that they are responsible for?

@theplsbook says: what do you personally think they deserve?

@theplsbook says: lets see how conservative you really are.

@theplsbook says:  sure is taking a long time for an answer to what camelia thinks infants deserve… scary

@theplsbook says: If you cant answer quickly when asked what you personally think infants deserve Houston we have a problem! ConservativeChristians? yeahright

@CameliaCottage says: “Theres a simple answer 2UR question BUT all u want is hate from me. I feel v sorry4U. Please get medical help. I’ll pray 4U. UR aNut.”

@theplsbook says: Im not the one who thinks infants deserve wrath Psycho

@CameliaCottage says: youre not very bright are you. Look at where I live, then look the time in Sydney OZ. I sleep clearly u need to.