S.Tellez – You know your a liberal if you think babies should be beaten and nailed to trees. #conservative

CadizOranges – Good God are liberals doing that now?

S.Tellez – all that believe in the satanic doctrine of penal substitution.

CadizOranges – you mean they really are nailing babies to the wall, where is that?

S.Tellez – they advocate the unlawful policies of their god.

S.Tellez – when one says “christ died for every man bc every man deserves that death” yes they believe that & it goes far beyond liberal

CadizOranges – are you tweeting from your hospital bed you fucking mad bastard.

S.Tellez – I’m not the one who thinks the mentally retarded deserve punitive death simply for being born. It’s not my doctrine.


S.Tellez – Looks like we have another one who is ashamed of their own gospel. Wall of shame for you.