Question to the penal substitute christian: “If given the choice of YOU being punished for your misdeeds, or YOU, YOURSELF PUNISHING CHRIST FOR WHAT YOU DESERVE…which would you choose? You would pick up the whip in a nano-second and start flailing the Son of God…and I bet YOU would put some extra “ZING” IN IT WOULDN’T YOU? In fact I bet what you would be most worried about is not punishing Christ enough FOR YOUR CRIMES…ain’t that about right? Yeah, nailed ya right where you live. I wonder if you were given the option to punish yourself…if you would “hold back” on the lashing a little bit huh? But if you were to personally punish an innocent guy for YOUR wouldn’t spare the lash  one bit, WOULD YOU??? So, you would love to be the one to punish someone else for YOUR MISDEEDS, much more than you being the one punished, huh? Does it sound better when you make God the author …in order to cover up your impure selfish motive and callous indifference to others, even the innocent? It don’t sound better to me, in fact its arrogant as hell. They say liberalisms are childish and immature, in always wanting to escape accountability and hold others responsible…its just a bit beyond childish to prefer that an innocent suffer the penalty for your crimes and even rejoice at the very thought of the innocent suffering instead of YOU…isn’t it? Yet this self centered and self serving portrayal of supposed higher justice is passed off by you as a “higher spiritual motive”…ain’t that right? Symbiosis, the “you wash my back and I’ll wash yours” is the only kind of relationship selfish people who only care about themselves and what “they can get out of it” are capable of…and this is true of all you who prefer that an innocent be punished instead of YOU…and YOU would GLADLY pick up the whip, hammer, and nails, and would punish the innocent YOURSELF, if need be…come on, admit it. What’s the matter, ashamed? YOU SHOULD BE.

Quandary: If a penal substitute believer were selected themselves to inflict the punishment on the innocent, that they themselves deserve…but were told that they could choose only two punishments, one of which is not punishment enough, and the other was over-punishment or more than is required…which would the penal substitute believer choose to inflict on the innocent? OVER PUNISH, I CHOOSE OVER-PUNISHMENT!