“Behold, I shall create a new heaven and a “New Earth”. The reason being is the Earth is distinct from the first heaven as to type, construct and design. He didn’t say “behold I create new worlds and new stars.

The earth is flat, does not move, is set upon a foundation of pillars, encircled by ice and is the center of this material universe. The word “kosmos” is only found and used in it’s singular form. There is no plural form of the word “kosmos”…or WORLD. Because there is only one world. It is singular, whether dative of indirect singular (kosmw), possessive singular (kosmou), objective genetive singular (kosmon), or subject nominative singular (kosmos). Space is not infinite and there are no “other worlds” (as in places like Earth) in the first heaven. The sun and moon have circuits, and so do the stars. “Aion”, which means “age” or “unique time period”, does not mean “world”. The “aionias” (or ages to come), does not mean “worlds to come”. Naturally the Bible is mistranslated on purpose with butcheries such as, “we understand by faith that God created the ‘worlds’ (aionias), which means he brought about the ages, created the ages”. This world is unique. It is not one of many. Secular humanists want people to believe this. They also want people to believe in Newtonian bullshit, like “magic gravity”, in which objects are attracted to each other, regardless of what elements they are constructed of. This was invented by the Copernican ball earthers, because they could not explain how this Earth could possibly be orbiting the sun. They did not have this “magic gravity doctrine” and invented it for convenience. The satanically religious do the same thing and use same tactic, when their doctrine makes no sense and they cannot make it seem to make sense “as is”, they pull something out of their ass johnny on the spot and depart from their doctrines in the attempts to defend them. There is no evidence of magic Newtonian gravity, not from the day it was invented by postulation. And there is no evidence of it to this very day. Bear in mind, the same assholes who say God does not exist and that we came from mud by a grand accident, are the same people who claim the earth is a ball (using fake NASA CGI compositions) and claim that the Earth is attracted to the sun because its so freaking handsome.