How is it possible for the Father to punish His innocent Son without it being an injustice?

Did Christ deserve to be punished? Christ was perfectly righteous and completely innocent of the charges made against him by men. Christ died for our benefit at the hands of sinful men, not at the hands of the Father. To say Christ was punished by the Father not only has the Father bearing false witness in pretending His Son was guilty when He was not, but also perpetrating an injustice against the Son when He had done no wrong. To say the Father unjustly punished His innocent Son for the crimes of the guilty “in their place”, is to say the Father participated in the same crimes against the Son as those who wrongly accused him and put Him to death. Nowhere does the Bible ever say the Father had wrath on His Son or punished His Son in our place, as this would be a total injustice to punish the innocent in place of the guilty. God does not ever punish the innocent (as in the false and blasphemous penal substitute doctrine). In fact, it is an abomination to condemn the righteous. Proverbs 17:15