…for making it to our Wall of Shame!

“Cross Centered” Books scheduled an interview with us about our book The Principled Legal Standard. However, they canceled the interview and naturally that was the only thing they could do when they had no defense against our doctrines… just as intolerant and just as liberal as the leftist college liberals are. But after our book gets out and reaches more and more, we predict that “Cross Centered” books will join the other liberals in “theology” in defamation and misrepresentation when we can no longer be ignored and unaddressed in the establishment church’s suppression of truth.

The truth is “not a good match” for their show.

We believe the interview was canceled for the same reasons no penal substitute theologian will debate us. The only one’s who do debate with us are idiots on the net who have no clue about our doctrines and don’t mind coming across as the complete imbeciles that they are. It is commensurate with evolutionists who would even think of debating us because they are “armchair experts” who do not know very much about evolution at all.