Does God bear false witness? Is it ever good to punish the innocent? Is the righteous judge ever unjust?

The answers to these questions should be academic. Yet our unchanging perfectly righteous God is accused of such crimes all the time, in all denominations and religions across the board. The Principled Legal Standard deals with these issues head on, providing irrefutable arguments against all lies and false allegations against God. Everything is put under the legal lens from the angelic rebellion and Adam’s trespass to the incarnation and Christ’s death on the cross.

Satan is the originator of all lies, deceptions and false doctrines, which places the supporters and rejecters of the traditional penal substitute doctrine into two camps: one is telling the truth about God and His absolute righteousness, whereas the other is bearing false witness about God and the ordeal on the cross. All who teach false doctrines accuse God of acting unlawfully by putting on a pretense, altering court records and committing an injustice against an innocent party, thereby asserting that the accusations made by Satan are true, while arguing that he won his case against God.

Discover how all those teaching false doctrines attempt to witness against God as they sit at Satan’s defense table.

God’s policies of justice must confirm man’s most basic sense of justice and lawfulness, according to man’s own understanding of good and evil.The idea that God has a higher justice (implying that God’s justice or policies wind up violating the most basic sense of right and wrong and jurisprudence known to man), is a false doctrine devised by the satanically religious.

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The Principled Legal Standard Book is probably the most awaited book in history. Finally someone is straightening out and putting God’s words and Spirit into facts and undeniable truth. I love it.

J.D. LeVan
This book is very important to read in this day and time. The Author is a highly intelligent man who examines the truth about God. This book will answer a lot of questions you may have. It will also give you many answers to debate others with. I highly recommend this book. It is a MUST READ!
Jo Ann Uscio
Excellent book! I highly recommend reading this book. Anyone who wants the truth should read this book. Most people dare to ask questions pertaining to God and his law but this book puts those questions into perspective. Very well written.
Lucille Aracich
The Principled Legal Standard requires you to pay attention, you can’t just speed read. I love God, I love his Law, I follow, I love Jesus Christ, the Son of God. This book cuts through the distortion of which man & Satan created in The Bible. And exposes ALL lies. We’re warned of the Great Deception
Aaron D