…It sure is a mystery! Maybe some Cinderellas should start trying on this articles shoes and see if they fit.
Some people and their pastors are so out of their minds and unable to reason it is astounding. They claim Satan just wanted to be like God, that he and false teachers “teach people how to be holy”. They actually believe that. False teachers are exactly like Satan, using his tactics of accusing the innocent, misrepresenting God and His policies, portray God as corrupt…and present the corrupt flesh as though it were holy..by getting people to continue operate in it and reasoning according to it…while thinking they were delivered from it. They engage in the misuse and unreal use of words and definitions, constantly change their gospel into a completely different gospel when cross examined. They refuse to answer questions directly…very simple questions. They go from wrath on all men who ever lived (and when questioned about infants)..they start talking about ransom, or “the infants need for Christ” instead..or misdirect and start with their “substitutionary spiritual death gospel”…which cannot “be in the place or instead of those who are supposedly already in it”! They cannot establish a basis using the common simple law to justify God having wrath on “all men” FIRST…in order for that to be “diverted unto Christ”. Infants who live 5 minutes and die? Make the case for wrath against them! They will not answer the question but instead will respond as if they were asked a totally different question: “Infants who die are automatically engrafted into the body of Christ”….I DIDN’T ASK WHAT HAPPENS TO INFANTS AFTER THEY DIE! I asked what have infants done, are responsible for, is their fault that they should deserve to be punished for. (infants is just the first type or class of humanity and i will move on from infants to the next, then the types of unlawful states and offenses which do not call for wrath or punishment). They cannot have it 40 ways from Sunday! The case for wrath ON ALL MEN FIRST! (wrath is God saying all men deserve to be punished, not “divine disapproval”). One can tell that many of their “doctrines”, they did not originally have, and were later made up to defend against critical questions that were fatal to their “original gospel”. This is exactly like and what is perceivable in the hardline Calvinist doctrines, “preseverance of the saints” was not part of their original gospel or doctrines, but was made up after critical questions were asked.
These idiots do not understand the “angelic conflict” because they do not understand basic law. when Satan said “nay, this is the truth”, he was calling God a liar from the start. When two parties disagree (neither are suffering ignorance about the truth of the matter), each party is calling the other a liar. God has declared and spoken all truth and all that is true, when one says “this is the truth”, and it is not, he is calling God a liar…and there is no way to deny this. Job did not settle the angelic conflict, we do not settle the angelic conflict…YOUR TESTIMONY MEANS SQUAT IN THAT REGARD! Jesus Christ alone settled it.
Exegetical experts? They pretend unreal interpretation that is not there nor born from the original language…is exegesis, but is eisegesis in reality. They also specialize not only in seeing what is not there…but not seeing what is there, plain as day. They change the definition of words to fit their eisegetic interpretations. Want an example? Sure why not!
1 Col 3:5-6 Mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth; fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil concupiscence, and covetousness, which is idolatry:
For which things’ sake the wrath of God cometh on the children of disobedience: (We are not talking infants here, we are talking people doing the very things that “Christ supposedly suffered the wrath of God for”….Though it never says once that Christ suffered the wrath of God in all men’s places…it is easy to say so let’s invent a fictitious bible book and verse: 1 Huper 1:1 “Jesus Christ suffered the wrath of God that all humanity deserved, even infants who live 5 minutes and die, those with significant mental defect, Jerry’s kids and even zika babies!”  The bible has no problem whatsoever saying that God has had, is having and will execute His wrath on those who commit elective crimes, abominations…all things avoidable and that man is not enslaved to, or is forced to do against man’s will, or evils that man is ignorant of…IN TERMS OF IT BEING EVIL.
So what do they do? Engage in eisegesis and claim the preposition “huper” means “in the place of”, or “instead of”. Is this really a case of exegesis or eisegesis? Is this really the definition of the word “huper” and actually from exegesis? They are claiming it is when they use it to support their doctrine of penal substitution. They cannot claim that huper means in the place of or instead of…everywhere the word is found, because they would be laughed out of town.
Here is an example “he lays down his life FOR(huper) his sheep”…it was never intended for the sheep the die by predators, by the shepherd at all…NOR DID THE SHEEP DESERVE IT.
Have another: 2 Cor 1:11 Ye also helping together by prayer “for us”(huper, you praying instead of us or in our place?), that for the gift bestowed upon us by the means of many persons thanks may be given by many “on our behalf”(huper, thanks may be given by you instead of us, or in our place?)

This is a case of eisegesis and their twisted interpretation, NOT EXEGESIS. When they say “this Greek preposition huper here, means this”…they are just saying it does to support their heretical doctrine. But in backtracking…back to the legal basis for wrath on all men to begin with…the basis or PREMISE that all of humanity have one something to deserve to be punished MUST BE MADE FIRST. It is the supposed basis for wrath on all human’s ever born (save Christ) THAT IS BEHIND THEIR INTERPRETATION OF “HUPER” AS MEANING IN THE PLACE OF, OR INSTEAD OF. They simply cannot make that case, and their problems are compounded where verses directly state that God has had wrath, is having and will execute WRATH on wrongdoers for the very things that they claim God had wrath on His Son FOR!

Forget about punishing the innocent being an abomination, AS A BASIC FUNDAMENTAL VIOLATION OF THE LAW! It’s an abomination for man to punish the innocent, but not for God?

They further reveal that “their doctrines” do nothing but violate every known principle contained in the law
Ex 23:7 Keep far from a false charge, and do not kill the innocent or the righteous, for I will not acquit the guilty. (guilt remains forever, just as one’s legal record and history does forever, it is legally insane to suggest that one can “unsteal a car”anymore than one can become “unguilty of stealing the car he stole”. It is called lying or bearing false witness about one REAL LEGAL HISTORY. They they engage in what I refer to as “Katlyn Jenner unreal positional truth”…where their legal and actual history is lied about and denied and “God declares them to be what they are not, in reality”..which declaration is no more based on reality than “Bruce Jenner claiming to be a woman”…in fact it is the direct opposite of reality. Paul said he was the chief of sinners in reference to his past legal record…but God don’t? So Paul and we can acknowledge reality and our real past but God cannot?…makes God more divorced from reality than us…but they don’t care. They ain’t got the balls to say “I never sinned ever! I am righteous, even while sleeping with this hooker I am righteous!”  THEY DON’T LIKE TO COMMIT THE SINS OF THEIR GOD! IN THAT WAY, THEY PLACE GOD BENEATH THEM…WHICH IS WHAT SATAN DID! COMPLETE ROLE REVERSAL! The bible itself violates “positional truth”! The bible is a record of the crimes, sins, abominations of BELIEVERS! What does their God do when He reads His OWN WORD, NOT SEE HALF OF THE BIBLE??? WHY DON’T THEIR GOD CHARGE HIS OWN WORD WITH DENYING POSITIONAL TRUTH?
John: Lord I sinned!
How the hell can their God convict them of sin when He supposedly cannot see the sins? This is where they are forced to admit that God does see their sins and it is revealed to be a FARCE!..AS IS PREDICTED IN OUR BOOK. Want another FARCE? God punishes His own Son as though He were every child molester, murderer, member of a satanic cult, etc., but is God putting on a pretense, does God think that His Son actually did those things? (they must begrudgingly say, “nay, God knows His Son did not sin and that we are not being punished”)….INSTANT FARCE! (though it was there all along).
A farce, aside from being a ridiculous sham, is not designed to fool one’s self or others. A farce where what one does and says is said in such a way that every knows that is not the truth or the actual case…and is not designed to look good or convince anyone. farcire: to stuff…pretending a stuffed teddy bear is a REAL BEAR!…in such a way that it is painfully and obvious that what is proposed is NOT REALITY.
It is a FARCE to call those who are not righteous, righteous. KOINE GREEK? HOW’S ABOUT KOINE ENGLISH? “Imputed righteousness?” “Imputing sin to Christ?”
Notice that there is a special definition for the religious theologians! Not found in any KOINE NON INDOCTRINATED COMMON MAN’S MOUTH! This is why the dictionaries were changed and religious definitions of words were added (eisegesis!)…this is because the satanically religious DO NOT USE COMMON WORDS USED BY COMMON MEN! The very addition of scores of “definitions only used by the religious” to the dictionaries..IS EVIDENCE THAT THEY ARE LIARS! They define koine Greek as being the common language of the day…this is because they first claimed that the bible was written in a “HOLY GHOST LANGUAGE”. They did that so they could make the bible say anything they wanted it to say and engage in the misuse and unreal use of words and definitions. WELL, THYE HAVE COME FULL CIRCLE! They use NON-KOINE unreal definitions of words that originate with them and are only found and only used by them. THIS IS WHY IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE SAYING AND MEANING…THEIR SPECIAL NONKOINE DEFINITIONS HAVE TO BE ADDED TO THE DICTIONARY. THIS IS DONE WITH HUNDREDS OF WORDS.

1. to attribute or ascribe: The children imputed magical powers to the old woman.
2. to attribute or ascribe (something discreditable), as to a person.
3. Law. to ascribe to or charge (a person) with an act or quality because of the conduct of another over whom one has control or for whose acts or conduct one is responsible.
4.Theology. to attribute (righteousness, guilt, etc.) to a person or persons vicariously; ascribe as derived from another.
5.Obsolete. to charge (a person) with fault.

Want another example of the misuse and unreal use of words and definitions? sure, why not!

1. the fact or state of having committed an offense, crime, violation, or wrong, especially against moral or penal law; culpability: He admitted his guilt.
2. a feeling of responsibility or remorse for some offense, crime, wrong, etc., whether real or imagined.
3. conduct involving the commission of such crimes, wrongs, etc.:
to live a life of guilt.

Notice how “guilt” is always of something a person “has done”(PAST TENSE, ACT COMPLETED) themselves. The satanically religious, penal substitute liars…add their own unreal definition to support their unreal doctrine…guilt becomes not only what a person has not done themselves, but also a persons guilt or being “guilty” is of an offense committed by someone else, before the one called “guilty” was even born or existed! The entire world, every human ever born IS GUILTY OF SIN? (last I heard we did not exist 2,000 years ago..or farther back we did not eat of a tree..but yet we are GUILTY BACK THEN). THERE IS ALSO NOTHING IN THE LEGAL OR KOINE DICTIONARY USED BY THE COMMON MAN WHERE A MAN CAN BECOME “NOT GUILTY” OF AN OFFENSE HE WAS CORRECTLY “FOUND GUILTY OF”….The only way a person found guilty to later be declared “not guilty” is a wrongful conviction in which case he never committed the offense… or the failure of the court to discover mitigating circumstances to which the man is not held responsible due to ignorance or other mitigating factors or circumstances.

THE PRINCIPLED LEGAL STANDARD FOR THE FIRST GENUINE DOCTRINAL REFORMATION OF THE CHURCH-IRREFUTABLE-INARGUABLE (Now what’s this about Christ suffering the wrath of Good that every human ever born deserves? let’s get back to the case of infants and you having to establish a legal basis for wrath by using exclusively KOINE ENGLISH!)