“If you died today and God gives you justice”??? Is it just to go against the Mosaic Law and give babies, mentally retarded, or those who are enslaved to sin DEATH??? was it justice for God to “punish” Hiimage-16s innocent Son and give Him what He didn’t deserve? God says it is an abomination to punish the innocent and God does not violate His own perfect law. Justice is laid out in the Bible. It is eye for eye, tooth for tooth, life for life. Not DEATH FOR EVERYTHING. God makes distinctions between sins of ignorance and elective acts that a person doesn’t have to be a christian to stop doing. Man is not delivered from Hell or from punishment of sins. He is delivered from the slavery of sin (hamartia – the falling short condition caused by the corrupt flesh) “He will deliver the people from their sins.” I wonder what these psychos think babies deserve who live a few months and die. No. I know what they think they deserve since they say Christ died in every man’s place because every man deserved that death. Do you actually think that it is spiritual to want to escape God’s perfect justice for your crimes? Are you like the criminal on the cross who wanted Christ to get them out of their punishment which in the view of the believing criminal was the just punishment due to them? The desire to escape justice is of the flesh, not of the spirit. The sacrifice never covered elective crimes. They were punished for them measure for measure, eye for eye life for life. Only things done in ignorance or because of inability were covered by the sacrifice. They were overlooked (passed over i.e. Passover) because they were not held against them in the first place. The churches today are in the great deception since the dark ages began. we never left. Christ said “this gospel will be preached throughout the world and then the end shall come.” not the false gospel being spread today which blasphemes the name of God by calling Him unjust. Why do you think the end has not yet come in over 2000 years? The churches do not even understand the reason Christ went to the cross. The “gospel” today is “do what thou wilt…” (Alister Crowley – the Satanist) In other words, “Do whatever you want with impunity without ever suffering the due punishment for it.” Oh how spiritual.

Speaking of the difference between “Christianity and all other religions” The difference between the truth and the lies out there is that the truth does not lie about God and call Him unjust, call Him a liar, and one who breaks His own law. all lies about God do this very thing. The modern Christian and the atheist are also no different in that they both desire to escape God’s perfect justice.