Who Are We?

  • Tim Alleman is an author and researcher. He has studied New Testament Koine Greek for over two decades and is the author of The Principled Legal Standard for the First Genuine Doctrinal Reformation of the Church.
  • S. Tellez is editor and contributor of The Principled Legal Standard for the First Genuine Doctrinal Reformation of the Church.
  • Alleman and Tellez are currently working on the second volume, exposing the ongoing massive church cover-up.
  • The Principled Legal Standard is published by THEONOMS

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Tim Alleman

Tim Alleman

What We Believe

We believe that Jesus Christ is the pre-incarnate Son of God, who according to the will of God, was to strike a tent in human flesh in order to settle the legal dispute between God and Satan.  The Son who was and is an exact representation of the Godhead, being in the same state as the Godhead, was to be motive tested, giving legal evidence and proof of the purity of the state of the Godhead and of their pure motives. By providing legal proof and evidence of the righteousness of God, the angelic rebellion against God was to be proven unjustified, to the condemnation of Satan and the rebellious angels.

Prior to the incarnation and motive testing of Christ, Satan was able to get humanity involved by causing them to gain the knowledge of good and evil. Though the plan remained the same in terms of the incarnation of the Son and the proving of evidence that would resolve the criminal legal action between God and Satan, His life and death was also used to convince humanity of their need for God, as Jesus Christ modeled the ideal state of righteousness that a man should have in order to be lawful and righteous before God. Though only a sliver of humanity lived during Christs time and only a fraction of those actually heard of or knew of Christ, God witnessed this to all men who have the capacity to understand. There is also the written record of the plan of God and the life of Christ. Although imperfect, it is useful for men to learn of God. Through seeking God, relying on Him to reveal things by the Holy Spirit, and the learned understanding of God’s perfect standards of law and jurisprudence, men are able to understand all things concerning God, man, sin, salvation, the rebellion, what the written record must have originally said, Satan’s will and what is behind all false reports about God.

We believe that with respect to man, Christ and the Godhead being declared not guilty of Satan’s accusations, Christ was appointed the legal guardian of all men, being given the authority to remove all stumbling blocks and obstacles that prevent man from being able to be righteous and acquiring the lawful state before God. All that has caused man to fall short, which includes the satanic influences, unlawful views due to ignorance and deception, and the natural biological nature that has been corrupted because of the happenings of Genesis six.

We believe that “original sin” is actually the original trespass of Adam, in which Adam fell short of God’s requirements by eating of the tree of knowledge. And because of having acquired the ability of good or evil motives, Adam became subject to motive testing just as Christ was. Therefore, just as legal proof and evidence was required in Christ’s case, Adam’s unconfirmed legal state also required that Adam be subject to legal inquiry and give evidence or proof of his personal motives and state. Because of this, Adam was caused to suffer mortality just as Christ was subject to death. And because all men came from Adam, we also all are subject to legal examination and death, though this is through no fault of our own.

Since all good things and every true report has come from God originally, God witnesses to all men concerning all that is good, so that all men who seek goodness may be drawn to Him. We  believe that there are things that are man’s responsibility and are under his own control, such as elective or unforced criminality and man’s ability to restrain himself from many types of criminal acts. And men do so on a daily basis in real life. We believe that there are also things which are beyond a man’s control that he needs the help of God to overcome. And through Christ by the Holy Spirit according to the plan and will of God, this can be accomplished in this life.

We believe that penal substitute theology is heresy, and that the cross was not about the Father punishing His innocent Son, but rather was for the demonstration of His righteousness, the condemning of Satan, for Christ to be appointed legal guardian and Savior of all men, to condemn the falling short condition caused by the corrupt nature within the flesh, and to draw all men unto Himself, reconciling them with God. We believe the exact opposite of the penal substitute heresy, that the cross with with respect to all things beyond man’s control, are not punishable, and that if a man engages in elective crimes not calling for punishment, he should expect to be punished in perfect equity with a punishment according to the criminal offense committed, as exemplified in the standard of the Mosaic criminal code. Whether a person is undergoing punishment or is awaiting to be punished for criminal offenses that were completely avoidable, the criminal offender may repent of his preference for lawlessness and turn to God, even if he still has punishment to undergo for prior offenses.

We believe that in order to make the blasphemous penal substitute lie seem like it is believable to the uniformed, false teachers have purposely portrayed God as overly severe, in order to make all men wrongly think they all deserve wrath and an agonizing cruel death. The penal substitute heresy is the main reason for the mistranslation and misinterpretation of the scriptures from the KJV onward.

We believe that the LXX Greek translation of the more accurate and older Hebrew version of the OT is indispensable to one’s study and understanding of the scriptures. Above all, the believers reliance on God and seeking Him for the truth, by being taught by the persons of God was never done away with and is still to be done to this day and until Christ returns.